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Tips & Tricks for Hypergrowth: Chatbot Personality and User Engagement

Tips & Tricks for Hypergrowth: Chatbot Personality and User Engagement

Personality is a trait, it includes how a person thinks, behaves, and feels. It has been seen as the driving factor behind the building of a person’s character. Recently, chatbot researchers found out that bot’s personality is the number one factor in increasing user engagement effectively.

Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri, Alexa are most popular because of their sarcastic replies that can burst you into laughter. Apart from this, these AI-based voice assistants can help you get many tasks done like, you can set alarm, book a cab, order your favorite food, etc.

That means, being functional isn’t the sole reason why people use AI chatbots in day to day life. Rather, a bot should also have a good sense of humor to make people laugh and get basic and repetitive tasks done with just a single command.

AI chatbots with funny and intelligent personality are designed to assist people in a engaging way. Also, this sole factor distinguishes them from command based chatbots, that replies same answer for a particular query.

AI chatbots that pose entertaining personality is no less than a human assistant. With more businesses shifting towards the conversational platforms, it has become necessary for them to train the bot as per the domain of the business.

Personality to Help You Humanize Business Chatbot

Personality is one of the differentiating factors that distinguish a chatbot from another. Researchers have found out that a bot with an engaging personality can drive more user engagement than the one which features an array of high-end features but lacks captivating personality.

Also, when you design a chatbot as per the domain of your business then it gets easier for the visitors to connect and answer the questions interactively.

However, the personality of your business chatbot solely relies on the creativity of designers as there is no plug and play Github repository or Javascript files. That’s why it’s important to first analyze the audience, what they prefer to ask, and how to answer their queries with good humor.

What makes a chatbot personality perfect?

Showing sympathy and having empathy toward your customers is one of the traits of posing a good personality. But, if a user is in a funny mood, won’t you entertain him to keep on the conversation? Or, would you let the chatbot reply formally? Because, that’ll not make any sense, as it indicates a lack of contextual dialogue. Eventually, that may lead to the end of the conversation.

Whereas, having context with what users are saying can help you connect with them on a whole new level. Besides, while cracking jokes, to enhance the user engagement further. You can also ask some useful user credentials and tailor a personalized experience as well.

What Personality Suits My Chatbot?

Unlike, Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, you should design the personality of the chatbot as per the domain of your industry. For instance, media and entertainment chatbot should have an entertaining conversational tone, whereas the same may not work well in the case of an educational virtual assistant.

That’s why it’s important to understand what factors classify the personality of a chatbot and what boxes you should check before humanizing it. To begin with, there are many factors that you should consider while training the bot, such as:

Name that sounds like a human

To enforce a human connection with the website visitors, it’s highly recommended that you should name the chatbot. But, keep in mind that bot name should have a cultural background as of your audience.

The tone of the conversation

It’s highly recommended that you should make use of an active conversational tone. Because a numb or sensationless conversation can turn away visitors from the website. Also, you should pick a tone as per the industry or domain of your business.

Now, select a gender

You should define the gender of your chatbot, as it plays a major role in building the conversation and personality of the chatbot.

Select a job role

You should assign a role to the chatbot. It helps website visitors understand what a bot can do, and what’s its field of expertise. This way users will ask the appropriate questions, and that’ll help you to get the queries of the users in an organized way.

Age that fits with the personality and role

It’s one of the significant factors in impersonating a personality. So, you should define the age of the chatbot, and tailor the conversations as per it.

Define the duties and responsibilities

You should tell the visitors what your bot can do. So from the beginning of the conversation, they will get a clear idea regarding what queries they can ask. You can also tailor the conversation like, “How may I assist you today?” followed by some multiple options in the form of user input.

Some basic personal information

To make the personality of the chatbot intact, you should define some basic questions that every human knows about themselves. The list is endless, but you can keep it short by picking up the following ones:

  • What’s your favorite joke?/Tell me a joke.
  • Are you single/married?
  • What’s your favorite song/TV show/web series/movie/food?
  • Hobbies?
  • Date of birth?
  • What can it do?
  • Can we meet? etc.

These are the question that most possibly 3 out of 10 people may ask to the chatbot. By answering them, you can establish a quick connection with the website visitors, as they will perceive the bot as well-trained just like humans.

Note: You should answer these questions by keeping in mind your business, customers, and defined job role.

Make it Fun to Chat Bot

Humans remember and recall emotions, and this is the reason why a fun chatbot personality can take this experience to a whole new level. By presenting a chatbot with a unique personality, it’ll be easier for you to establish a human connection with the visitors.

The main aspect is how you present the information to the visitors, however, it mainly depends on which chatbot platform you are using. Like, Frontman allows you to insert Images, Emojis, Gifs, Videos, and Carousel and Audio (in case, you want to play the favourite song). All these functions can help in boosting user engagement, plus also in establishing a solid link with the website visitors.

Enhance the Personality Further with Frontman

With frontman, it’s possible to train it to respond to certain joke formats such as ‘Who is there’ when a user types ‘knock knock’. All these ingredients can really bring value to the business or brand.

Frontman is AI-based conversational chatbot that takes advantage of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms to interpret the user input and respond accordingly. Being an AI chatbot, it learns from user input. However, if in any case, it fails to answer the query of the visitors then such queries will be marked in the Instinct AI section of the Frontman’s dashboard.

By adding replies to the relevant questions, you can make this chatbot smart and intelligent. Plus, the Instinct AI functionality allows you to set multiple replies for a single question. This way, when a user will repeat a question again and again then unlike command-based chatbots, that sends the same reply. Frontman will send different replies to the same query like, when a visitor will say Hi again and again, then this bot can reply with Hello there, Hi there, Hello, how are you?, Ciao, Hola, Howdy, etc.

The different replies with the same meaning keep visitors engage as they don’t get bore. Also, it enables them to perceive a business as smart altogether.

Chatbot Personality: Make Tasks Easier for You and Visitors

A perfect chatbot personality is a driving factor in boosting customer engagement and sales.

Be it human or chatbot personality, it defines how we converse, and process thoughts to reply to the asked questions. That’s why we recommend businesses to weave a perfect personality that resonates with the brand and audience. So, you should tailor conversations that are not much time consuming and are also fun.

For example, a chatbot deployed on a travel website can go straightforward with the visitors and say ‘Hi, welcome to travel.com. I am here to assist you with any query regarding flight and hotel bookings.” This single message enables the users to understand that they can ask the bot about hotel and flight queries. Hence, it minimizes the chances of website visitors asking irrelevant questions, that don’t fall in the domain of business.

Like this, if you are building a personality and character for hospital chatbot then you should be conscious of the responsibilities that a bot should reflect. Hence, it’s suggested that you should not entertain visitors by cracking jokes or using words that are inappropriate. Rather, as a hospital chatbot, it should show sympathy towards people.

Great Chatbot Personality + Personal Appeal = Perfect Business Chatbot

The character of a chatbot that resonates with the personality of users is the perfect combination that businesses can leverage to sell or market a product or service.

The latest advancements in the field of chatbots are undoubtedly most serviceable for online businesses. Be it any field of customer engagement, bots can reduce the friction and enhance the user experience promptly.

In addition to this, chatbot personality is one of the main aspects that can help businesses to keep users involved and make conversation memorable. Like this, when you personalize the bot communication as per users preference, it helps in building trust and selling products on a large scale.


For online businesses, one of the most challenging tasks is winning the trust of visitors. However, with the lack of real-time conversations, it gets unmanageable to connect with them as they ask a query via forms or live chat, and also waiting time kills the user experience.

But, website visitors pose a great opportunity of turning into prospects and customers. And, when they are approached by a conversational chatbot, that asks them about their needs and how it can assist them, it gets easier for users to buy a product or service. After all, it's all about making sense and at the same time pursuing business goals. So, when you enhance the bot-conversation by infusing the bot with a great personality and personalize the conversation as per visitor's input. You create a sense of business that cares about its users, irrespective of the platform.

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