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Bot and Humans: The Mixed Future of Customer Support, Sales and Marketing

Bot and Humans: The Mixed Future of Customer Support, Sales and Marketing

Hybrids tools are always proven to be smart and more productive. Chatbots and humans are the perfect examples of the next-gen hybrid system, that includes machines and us.

A single live chat agent can handle 6 chats at max. It means a team of 100 customer support executives can assist 600 clients at the same time. But, what if you have 1000s of queries in the pipe and few resources to tackle them. Undoubtedly, the response will be “Please wait for some time, our agents will connect soon”.

While this message is played in front of the visitors, did you missed something? Congratulations, you have just missed hundreds of valuable clients. These unprospected clients might be the ones that your business desperately needs. But when you let them wave off without any assistance. Then the chances are odd that they will ever visit your website again.

We call it blinding a business with traditional tools and methods of customer engagement. And, because of these dated techniques, you might be hindering the productivity of your organization.

Who likes to answer the same question again and again?

A machine/bot, but not humans. But, contrary to this, human agents are processing the monotonous queries and explaining the same solution to the customers. Companies believe that by adding human touch they can personalize and enhance the customer experience. However, with more number of prospects waiting in line, it results in delayed support that ultimately impacts the customer experience.

On the other hand, with AI chatbots the idea of queues is not worth thinking, because they are the queue killer.

And, whenever a new visitor lands, chatbot opens up a new instance on the device. This lets a bot to start the conversation from the very beginning without holding on any of the current customers.

Who likes to fill long and boring forms?

Forms lack the interfacial communication and that’s the reason why many of us exit the browser after seeing them. Recently in a survey, it’s found that only 14% of the people prefer (not like) filling forms.

What does the future hold?

Certainly, with the next-gen of chatbots, prospecting and lead generation will never be the same boring task. Like it, a bot can also assist the sales and marketing team to connect with the genuine buyers in real-time. With bots sitting next to the humans, they can help in delivering the personalised end-user experience in real-time.

Today, customers want to be addressed in less than 5 minutes, so just saying "Hi, we'll connect soon" to them will not work. Also, in the case of the repeated visitors, a bot can identify them and take on the different conversational route. While cutting short on the details that it already knows, eventually, this will enhance the end-user experience. This results in short and powerful conversations, that customers appreciate.

Deep prospecting is the way to personalize and connect with the wide audience

Personalization is one big thing that can enhance the buying experience of the customers. And, that’s what matters. If you fail to deliver the best customer experience then there’s no coming back.

How a chatbot can help in deep prospecting? Deep prospecting includes remembering customer preferences and personal details. With traditional tools, it’s not possible to know every visitor in detail. But, a chatbot can do. It never misses a chance to say hi to the website visitors, that leads to the starting of never-ending conversation with the customers.

Bot conversations are designed in a specific way to converse and ask questions to the visitors. With two-way communication, it gets easier for people to submit their details actively while getting their query solved. Bots are the perfect example of the true two-way communicator, they can connect with thousands of visitors, engage with them, ask them questions based on their input and carry on the conversation.

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