Traditional Marketing vs Conversational Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs Conversational Marketing

It’s more about automating and organizing the resources for better collaboration with business goals.

Customer support, marketing, and lead generation are all indirectly affiliated with each other. They are the three sides of the triangle that completes a business cycle.

Like, brand value highly relies on customer support, whereas marketing just enhances it, as a result, a business generates more leads. However, with the traditional tools of customer engagement, it becomes unmanageable to keep up with the never-ending queries of customers.

That’s the reason why many businesses are shifting their interest in next-gen technologies and adapting it. Such as AI chatbots, that are built on the foundation of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. By leveraging NLP and ML, chatbots analyze and understand the queries of the visitors and answer them appropriately.

Automate the Mundane Tasks

With less focus on the monotonous tasks, customer representatives get to solve the critical queries of the visitors and customers. Which in turn enhances business productivity, customer relationship, and brand image.

Live chat is certainly the most in-effective way to aptly respond to hundreds of visitors queries, that are monotonous and repeated in nature. Answering them miserably consumes resources, time, energy, and adds weight to the operational bills.

By automating mundane tasks via AI chatbots, such as answering repeated queries, getting visitors’ information, collecting feedback, and marketing relevant products as per their interest. It gets easier for businesses to work on genuine issues of customers.

Gateway to the World of Marketing 2.0

The next-gen of buyers are more likely to engage in a conversation with a business that focusses on their interest rather than a service or product. To cope with the changing dynamics of marketing, it has become essential to make use of AI chatbots.

Earlier SEO and SEM techniques solely played a major role in marketing on digital platforms. And, today with transformation in the digital world, marketing now stands for personalized content for the individual audience. But, with traditional methods, it gets unfeasible to create a marketing campaign for every website visitor.

The Purpose of AI chatbots in Personalized Marketing!

Personalization is the driving force in making a marketing campaign successful. As when you sell a product, that’s purely personalized as per the profile of visitors then it gets easier to break the ice.

AI chatbots can remember the returning visitors and as well as their preferences. So, whenever a visitor repeats then the bot will appear and greet him by name. And, pitch the products as per the previous communication.

Whereas in the case of new visitors, to personalize the conversation as per a visitor. The AI chatbot will converse with him and decode his choices, based on talks and inputs. After analyzing the data, as per the defined set of choices, the bot will personalize the experience for the visitor.

Personalize Visitors Based on “System Defined Attributes + User-defined Attributes”

With Frontman, you can take personalization to another level. It allows you to filter the visitors as per the pre-defined and newly defined attributes. The pre-defined attributes are the system-specific that includes: Country, User type, Locale, UTM based, total visits, last seen, first seen, the last button clicked, etc.

While user-defined attributes are defined by you to save the specific user information, such as user_age, product_choice, user_budget, dealership_name, purchase_date, etc.

By using system-based and user-defined attributes, you can filter a larger audience into a specific one. Then, you can choose to re-route the conversational flow for the targeted visitors as defined, as per the conditions.

Heading Towards the Future of Lead Generation

Lead generation is a monotonous task, that should be automated to reduce and save big on operational costs.

Traditional tools-ask a lot of information through one-way communication. Each website visitor has to fill the same web form, which includes, visitor name, product requirement, contact details, address, budget, etc. But, as forms lack two-way communication, very few visitors interact and submit them.

However, with AI chatbots, this scenario changes. As they start engaging conversation with the website visitors and converse with them like a human. They translate long forms using two-way communication in a more personalized way.

With personalization and two-way communication, it gets easier for visitors to submit their queries and personal details. Plus, AI chatbots filter genuine prospects via OTP sent to their E-mail and number. After user verification, the prospects' details are sent to the sales team in real-time. Which in turn, gives businesses a pool of genuine buyers to work on.

Neither Customers Like Traditional Tools

The last decade was certainly more inclined towards mobile application development. In those years, the world has seen millions of apps. But among them, conversational applications are dominating the space, in terms of monthly active users and time spent.

So, businesses should concede that conversations can play a major part in developing a long-term relationship with their customers. Moreover, there are two ways to handle the queries of website visitors, live chat agents, and AI chatbots.

Live chats can be a good option when there are few clients to answer. But, with thousands of queries. It becomes non-effective, as visitors close the tab after seeing “Our agents are busy, we’ll reply soon” message. In this case, AI chatbots can be a great help, they can answer repeated queries of the thousands of visitors at any hour of the day. Without taking a break, or adding up the operational cost.

With this functionality, AI chatbots create a sense of genuine customer support and ignite visitors to proceed further to the transactional phase.

Evolution of the Digital Age: Allowing Smart Business-Customer Interactions

To capture the space of digital customers, businesses have shifted towards such platforms, like websites, social media, messaging apps, etc. But, they are lacking two-way real-time interaction with them.

In today’s digital age, without any communication at a personal level, it’s not possible to strengthen the business bond with visitors and customers. That’s why it has become necessary to personalize the conversations for the landing visitors.

With AI chatbot, it’s possible to personalize customer support. A bot remembers the returning visitors and identifies the new ones, and smartly take forward the conversation. This allows businesses to connect with their prospects in a brand-new way.

Conversational Lead Acquisition
Chatbot for Enterprises

Little Change, Big Gains

A chatbot is just a piece of software, supported by highly sophisticated algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. That allows them to translate and understand human language at their level. And, smartly reply in the same language.

So, when you deploy customer support AI chatbot on your business website, then it can boost visitor's engagement rate and conversion rate. That too, by significantly reducing the cost of acquiring and converting leads, which ultimately results in improved Return on Investment.

Simplifying and Shifting the Tasks

Businesses run on management because well-managed resources can efficiently handle tasks. Smart chatbots like, Frontman can help businesses take forward the spirit of well-managed work culture.

By answering monotonous and repeated queries, it can smartly automate customer support. Moreover, by conversing with the visitors in a personalized way, Frontman can take forward marketing campaigns ahead of the curve. Plus, it can generate genuine leads at any hour of the day. As it verifies the interested visitors via OTP sent to their E-mail/number and send the details to the concerned team in real-time.

With all these functionalities, businesses can simplify the monotonous processes. And utilize human resources to work on complex queries of the prospects that have been verified by Frontman. As a result, this will enhance the functioning of businesses in a better and productive way.

Cost of Operability: Traditional Tools Vs AI Chatbot

To magnify the return on investment, businesses often modify the operations and reduce its cost. However, with traditional tools, there’s less scope of reducing the operational cost. Because some pre-defined processes can’t be changed. But, with AI chatbot- Frontman, businesses can automate monotonous tasks, keep in touch with customers 24*7, and can do much more while saving big on operations.

Chatbots are the All-in-One Package

AI chatbots are polyvalent, so apart from completing the business triangle of customer support, marketing, and lead generation. AI chatbots can also help in gaining real-time analytics and understand the pattern and behavior of visitors. And, utilize the data to build the next products, and develop perfect marketing strategies for specific customers and visitors.


By leveraging the conversational approach, a smart business chatbot can serve multiple purposes, especially in the field of customer engagement. AI chatbots make it easier for website visitors to connect with the business at any hour of the day. With their advanced approach towards attaining every customer and answering the queries as soon as possible, they can help a business make happy customers. 

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