Education Chatbot: Enabling Smart Learning via AI

Education Chatbot: Enabling Smart Learning via AI

With Artificial Intelligence expanding in various sectors, the future is taking a new shape. It’s highly debated how it can benefit students in enhancing their learning capabilities.

What makes AI chatbots special? With the mix of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence based chatbots can analyze and understand what a user is trying to communicate. By interpreting a message, bots can reply to it accurately in the same tone. And, carry forward the conversation by impersonating a character and persona, just like humans.

With this intelligence, AI chatbots can act as an intercom between educational institutes and students. It can help students take real-time assistance from their organizations at any hour of the day.

Furthermore, an education chatbot can provide a personalized learning environment for thousands of students, understand their problems and guide them like a teacher. In the ed-tech world, bots can act as a driving force in advancing the students to the next level.

Personalization like a Tutor: More Power to the Students

Every student is unique, they pose different abilities, skills, and interests. Which in turn, influences their learning capability. It means that if a student has good observational and listening skills then he should learn via pictures or videos.

AI can play a major role here, an education chatbot can assess the skills of each student through various skill assessment methods. And, personalize the study material as per their interests, with this specialty a bot can act as a home tutor that can be accessed at any hour of the day.

Student Reports Management: More Access to the Parents

An education chatbot can also be beneficial for the parents in a great way. It can send monthly reports, attendance, and classroom reports directly to them via E-mail/SMS. Plus, in case if parents want to know more in-detail, then the bot will converse with them, and take feedback regarding their child.

The mutual sharing of the reports and feedback will create a strong bond between schools and parents. That’ll ultimately help the teachers to understand each student more closely.

Expanding the World of Online courses

Today, with the rise in digital educational platforms, millions of students are pursuing online courses. Which mainly consists of study material, video lectures, real-time sessions, test series, and reports. However, it lacks the end conversations between students and the service provider.

An education chatbot can help in bridging this gap and further enhance the services. It can ask for their queries and feedback regarding the course. In the case of repeated queries, AI chatbot can answer them in real-time. Whereas, critical queries will be transferred to the concerned teachers. This will help digital institutes in improving their services and making them suitable for the students.

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Students Guide: Virtual Campus Tour, Reports, Courses, and Feedback

Educational institutes by deploying an education chatbot on their websites can enhance the students' experience. A bot can interact with them as they land, greet them and ask for the purpose of the visit regarding admission, course, institute, etc. This will facilitate a prompt relationship with the students.

A chatbot can answer 80% of the monotonous queries of the students regarding courses and institutes. In case of the critical queries, the bot will collect the details of each visitor, verify them via OTP and send the details to the concerned team. Using such details, the help desk team will connect with the students and answer their queries.

This will enhance the students experience further. Moreover, to enhance this experience further, an Education chatbot can also give them a virtual campus tour, and ask for feedback at the same time. That can be used to improve an institute and its facilities as per the students' opinion.

So, an Education chatbot can ultimately help institutes in building a strong relationship with the students. And, simplify the traditional ways of education. Since students don’t have to go through a lot of channels to collect the right study material. An education chatbot can shower all the needed information to them in just one place, hence saving their time while enhancing their productivity as well. 

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