How to Build a Business Chatbot From Scratch for Free?

How to Build a Business Chatbot From Scratch for Free?

With the inception of Live chat, it has become necessary for customer-driven businesses to deploy one. So, that they can answer the queries of visitors in real-time. However, relying solely on live chat was a good idea before the digital revolution begun. Because with limited agents, it becomes unmanageable to answer hundreds of visitors at the same time.

As a result “Our agent will reply soon” message is displayed to hold the visitors from quitting the chat. Today everyone knows what “Reply soon” stands for, to be clear it may take a minimum of 10 to 60 minutes for agents to answer the next visitor query. And, days to answer thousands of visitors in a row.

The End of Live Chat

Live chat is a good idea only when you have to answer a few clients, but it gets unreal when you have to deal with thousands of visitors. With the growth in the consumer base, it has become necessary to assist them as they raise a query. Otherwise, you might lose the real-time business.

The Rise of AI Conversational Platforms

With AI chatbots, the whole business-customer interaction can be altered to a new level. As their usages are endless, they can be used to market product, generate leads, provide real-time customer support, tailor personalized conversations, etc. One bot can do multiple things at the same time while answering hundreds of queries.

So, by deploying AI chatbot, enterprises can gain the business that they wish for. However, building a chatbot is a multifaceted and convoluted process, especially when you have to build one for business purposes. Because to make it precise, you have to train it perfectly. So, that it can respond to all the visitors' queries and can keep them engaged until the purpose of the bot-visitor conversation gets served.

How to Deploy It?

With the advancement in the chatbot platform, deploying a bot on the website is similar to drawing doodles. Particularly in the case of Frontman, you need to simply copy the javascript code and paste it into the website’s HTML head section.

Practice the following steps to get started:

Create an account

  1. Visit and enter your business email id into the Get Started section.
  2. Create a strong password and click on the Create account.
  3. Select your website’s estimated monthly traffic.
  4. Select your role.
  5. Enter your name and contact number. Then, click finish.
  6. Verify your E-mail to complete the registration process.
  7. Now, you’ll be redirected to the Frontman’s dashboard.

Steps to deploy

  1. After you log in to the dashboard, you’ll be asked to pick a suitable plan from Free forever, Individual, Business or Enterprise.
  2. Select a plan and template as per the business requirement.
  3. Now, enter your website details and click on the Install Frontman button.
  4. Copy the provided code and paste it below the </head> tag on every page you want Frontman to appear.
  5. Now proceed forward to the dashboard.

Play the LEGO Game, No Programming Skills Required

The basics of creating an AI chatbot starts from understanding the customer goals and designing the conversational flow as per it. This way, you can plan the best bot conversation.

Get inside the Story builderand start playing LEGO. Pick a card from the right side, drag and drop it into the mainframe. Weave a smart conversation by utilizing the different cards.

  • Write a welcome message using Bot says card.
  • You can ask questions to the website visitors.
  • Change the course of conversation to the defined block as per user input.
  • Amplify a conversation further into branches.

P.S: Take a preview before you live an instance.

Tips That You Should Know:

Know your goals and customers

Keep bot-visitor conversations clean and engaging. So, a visitor can understand as well as reply to it. Assign different blocks to pursue various goals. And the most important, know what your customers expect from your website.

P.S: Make a conversation engaging, and don’t push your customers to provide their contact details from the beginning.

Name Your Frontman

Give your bot a unique name, and let your visitors remember the bot. By doing so, you can stand out your business from the crowd. Plus, with common bot names, it becomes hard for visitors to understand and interpret their personalities.

Engage Conversationally

Create an effective greetings message. So that visitors can open more with it, allowing you to get visitor insight data and information. It can also help you to decode what products and services they are looking for. Remember, a smart and engaging conversation can help you win more customers at any hour of the day.

Mimic Human-like Interaction:

AI chatbots are way better than the command based bots. Because they can reply to a visitor at a personal level. Like, they can remember when a visitor repeats, and can even call him by name while greeting. Or start a conversation where a user has called it off. In the era of personalization, your business can take a big jump in improving customer relationships.

Keep Optimizing the Conversations

AI chatbot conversations should be tailored based on previous feedback. This will help in making digital marketing campaigns a hit as well as improving the bot-visitor interaction. Get in the Audiences and Analytics section and evaluate how your Frontman is performing. Optimize the conversation based on the goals, find out the best ways to drive more customers for a specific CTA.

Enterprise Features That You Should Not Miss Out

The frontman is the next-gen breed of chatbots. It’s fast, precise and intelligent, just like humans. This bot is smart enough to process, understand and answer visitors query actively so that the engagement between a website and its visitors can heighten further. And, it has every feature that today’s businesses need to connect with their customers.

Backed by AI, the core of Frontman is powered by A-Z features. Many of the features are industry-specific as well as industry-first, such as:

A/B testing with Goal tracking

Weave two different conversational flows. Place A/B splitter card at the end of each to analyze which one is generating better leads for your business. And, place Goal Tracker cards at critical conversational points to understand how many visitors are showing interest in the campaigns.

Click to conversation tools.

Start interaction with the website visitors as they click on a specific button. Like, if a user clicks on the Products then Frontman will wake up and ask “Which product are you looking for?”. It can understand the user's choice and can display the relevant products within the chat window.

Instinct AI

Frontman can smartly answer most of the queries, but being a chatbot it has some drawbacks too. Like, it can’t answer critical questions. But, with Instinct AI you can train it to reply in multiple ways, just like humans.

Inbuilt business intelligence

To help businesses understand the visitors and their choices. Frontman features an inbuilt Analytics and Audiences section. By accessing them, you can interpret what your customer prefers, and how to pitch/market a product successfully.

Mobile-optimized browser-based chatbot

Connect with your visitors using Industry-first PWA feature. Assist your visitors in a click on icon and mark your business presence. With this feature, you can take the business-customer relationship to the next step. As when customers get support on their fingertips then it seizes their trust and enhances business trade possibilities.

PPC conversational landing pages

Never look back to the traditional forms to get new leads, market a product, get feedback, etc. Because, now with PPC conversational landing pages, you can start the two-way communication with the visitors as they click on the link. With this approach, you can engage with more visitors, generate better leads, market a product successfully, and can even highlight your business in the crowd.

Visitors verification

Getting genuine leads is a stroke of luck when you opt for forms. But, with Frontman you can do better. It verifies visitors using OTP sent to their E-mail/Number and generates original leads, that matters for your business. Connect with the clients that matter and grow your business from day 1.

Perks of Building a Business Chatbot

Once deployed a chatbot can 24*7 answer 80% of the repeated customer queries without any delay. Apart from customer support, it can actively generate verified leads, and can even market products to the right audience. Keeping all these factors in mind, chatbots are a cheap and one-stop solution for businesses.

In addition to the above, a chatbot like Frontman allows you to:

  • Start a targeted conversation with a specific audience.
  • Scale-up customer support at any hour of the day.
  • Answer your customers’ and visitors’ queries.
  • Broadcast important messages and offers.
  • Increase lead generation by 5X.
  • Strengthen brand.
  • Boost your sales.
  • Get subscribers.
  • Copied

Reinventing Customer Engagement Experience

Fully-engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average. If you don’t have a conversational engagement strategy, you could be missing opportunities to interact with customers and building long-lasting relationship with them.

Makerobos Innovation Labs is the leading technology company in India focusing on engagement centric products enabling marketers, product owners & customer success managers to create a conversational engagement strategy that outshines any conventional method so that businesses can reap the benefits of fully engaged, loyal customers.

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Reason to cherish when a web visitor goes from bot to demo in less than 2 minutes thanks to Frontman AI by Makerobos.

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Marketing Automation & personalization have revolutionized marketing. But sometimes that's still not enough to build an experience that people associate with your brand. That's why it's awesome to see how Makerobos has helped us doing exactly what we need.

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Have not fully implemented it yet, but playing with Makerobos is the first time I've ever been so impressed with a product that I felt a desire to give up entrepreneurship to join someone else's team. Sexy doesn't even begin to describe it.

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Looking at how marketing spent its money so far, I can see that Frontman AI outperformed some of our more traditional efforts in terms of the opportunities it influenced. For one product line, Makerobos delivered 4x the opportunities of a huge industry event we attended and for another product line, it delivered 10x the opportunities of our PPC spend.

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Less than 30 days in, Frontman AI has captured 10x more leads than forms and helped Chirag labs team rapidly convert what could turn into well over 100x the $$ value of one months service

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Thanks to Makerobos Team, I just closed a large deal with Frontman as a highly qualified lead was browsing through some of our service pages and chatted with the bot.

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We’re able to build better customer relationship and brand loyalty with Makerobos. We’ve seamlessly scaled customer service worldwide.

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Yula Fitness shapes and powers its B2B customer experience with Frontman AI

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We reduced global ticket volume by 40% with Frontman AI

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NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.


NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.


NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.


NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.

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