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How Chatbots are Changing Consumer Behaviour During Covid-19 Outbreak

How Chatbots are Changing Consumer Behaviour During Covid-19 Outbreak

Everyone is aware of the current global crisis happening due to COVID-19. Even after having the best Health System Countries like China, America, Italy, Britain, and France are not able to control the increase in the infection. Most of the countries have announced national lockdown and are trying their best to break the transmission chain by promoting social distancing.

With the significant effect on the health of peoples, this epidemic has also affected the global economy as well. Nations have suffered the loss of billions of dollars, are still suffering more every day. Still, there is a ray of hope that things will become right after a period.

With all the other changes, marketers have noticed a difference in the behaviour of consumers. They now buy products differently as they previously used to, and it may become a problematic issue for some businesses.

Change in consumer behaviour during the crisis

By the time, enterprises were trying to maintain their finances during this epidemic; we were analyzing behavioural changes in the consumers to figure out - how to ramp up sales efficiently amid Covid-19

E-Commerce Industry

As per our analysis, the e-commerce industry has been affected the most because of the crises. Consumers who have never used e-commerce websites to purchase products are now inclining more towards online shopping. They have started browsing e-commerce sites out of force, and a few of them may get used to it even after the crises.

With the increase in the number of consumers, many companies have started to focus more on their online portals for getting higher leads and sales. But as more businesses began focusing on e-commerce markets, the competition has also increased, as all are trying their best to grab maximum potential leads.

Fierce competition demands new strategies and planning, so the question is, what could be the best strategy that businesses should use to tackle this situation?

The situation requires something that can help businesses to analyze the behavior of the consumers, and make contextual interactions with each of them. Furthermore, it can help them to empower their work system by allowing their employees to focus more on the development, less on the repetitive tasks. Well, in this case, the applications of AI Chatbots can be the perfect solution.

E-Commerce Chatbot

An E-Commerce Chatbot can do many functions like it can analyze the source of the visitor, location of the lead, and can also converse contextually with them without the need for any human intervention. Besides these features, an e-commerce bot powered by Frontman AI can help in providing customers services like rich messaging, quick checkout, real-time bot 2 human hybrid chat support. These features can not only help the e-commerce industry to overcome the challenges but offer next-level customer experience as well.

Food Industry

When the lockdown was announced in the countries, the food industry was one of the many sectors which are exempted from the effects of it. Undoubtedly, food is the most basic need of humans, and shutting it down or making it inaccessible to the public can be severe.

Although this epidemic has been financially less damaging for the food industry as compared to other sectors. Meanwhile, it has created a new challenge for marketers. People who had never used online portals for their daily needs have started using food ordering tools. And the previous users are now using them differently. They are giving more attention to the services, and have increased the possible use-cases of it.

Now, the anatomy that creates here is how businesses will be able to face this change?

Restaurant Chatbot

Foodservice provider businesses will need to understand the psychological and emotional mood of their leads to understand what to suggest to them when they visit their website. And a Restaurant Chatbot can be a perfect tool for that. 

An AI-powered Restaurant Chatbot by frontman can help consumers in tracking their order(s) and get their monotonous queries resolved conversationally without human involvement. It can also suggest customer food on the basis of their previous orders.

In the case of a complex query, frontman can handover the conversation to a human agent, enabling comapnies to provide hybrid chat support to the customers.

Furthermore, businesses can use it for getting reviews and feedback on delivery and food with the interactive star rating and NPS score features. Upgrading to chatbots can decrease the workload of the employees as well.

Education Industry

Schools and colleges have been shut down, are instructed to not re-open until the epidemic ends. Until that time, institutions have to maintain the syllabus. And for that, they have started using different tools and concepts of distance learning.

Students who have never experienced the concept of distance learning are now using it and may have to use it for a month or more. By this time, they most probably will get used to them.

How would educational institutes keep the change uniform even after the crisis? Or how would they be able to face this change in the behaviour of the students?

Education Chatbot

Other tools may be failing to cope with the changes in the behaviour of the students, but Educational AI Chatbots are not. 

An Education Chatbot by Frontman can perform many functions like automating monotonous tasks, enabling students to stay connected with their teachers even after school hours and vice-versa, help teachers to have a better understanding of every student's nature and behaviour with its behavioural analysis feature, etc.

Even a few institutions are already using this tool during this epidemic to keep their staff, students, and management connected. And after the end of the crisis, its usage will increase even higher.

An Education Chatbot can eliminate the needs for the parents to come to the school for tasks like filling the admission form, getting their ward’s report card, and conversing with teachers for knowing the progress of the students.

Healthcare Industry

It is completely clear that at this time the health industry has been disturbed the most in the world. Countries are facing a lack of resources, doctors, staff, even hospitals. Even doctors are getting infected due to getting in contact with infected patients.

Is there any way to make things safer? Which can also decrease the workload of the medical staff?

Healthcare Chatbot

In this ambient of tensions and fear, the Healthcare Chatbots are being a pretty useful tool to make the management and medical workforce safer. And they can help doctors in many ways like to connect the patients with doctors through real-time live hybrid chat support, enabling doctors to avoid physical interactions.

Healthcare Chatbot can also help the medical institutions to update the public about the latest information on the situation via features like broadcast messages. Also, it can educate them about the precaution that should be taken via FAQs, and what should they do if they get any symptoms at any point in time within the chat window like connecting to the medical officer via live chat to get advice on self-quarantine or admittance.

Furthermore, being an AI-powered platform, Frontman AI enables Healthcare Chatbot to answer user utterances without human interactions.

Indian government has launched Chatbot helpline number to get information and clear myths on coronavirus via Conversational Chatbot. Citizens can get any information on coronavirus, all they have to do is send a ‘Namaste’ or ‘Hi’ to the chatbot.

Increase in the use of Social Media

People are now spending most of their time on social media to spend their time in quarantine. Even those who haven’t been using social media apps for more than a few minutes in a day, are now using them for hours. 

Marketers are grabbing a lot from this new change in the habit and behaviour of the consumers. They have increased promotion on their social media pages to grab higher leads. 

Meanwhile, marketers are also increasing the usage of Digital Marketing Chatbots to collect and analyze data from businesses to improve the efficacy of paid campaigns and better understand user engagements. Companies can use Frontman AI to initiate marketing campaigns with Conversational Landing Page to get a higher outcome from the PPC campaigns through Facebook & Google Search

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