Scaleup Customer Experience Via Insurance Chatbot

Scaleup Customer Experience Via Insurance Chatbot

The insurance industry offers a wide range of services in many sectors, such as health, auto, home, etc. Be it any domain, earning the trust of website visitors is one of the main roadblocks that hinder the online transaction between businesses and customers.

So, to drive more sales, it’s essential for insurance services provider to gain their customers' trust. But, with the lack of active help desk support, it becomes difficult to win the assurance of the users.

This communication gap can be filled by simply deploying a 24*7 active chatbot, that can answer the queries of visitors as they ask. Moreover, with this advanced customer support, businesses can connect with their prospects at any hour of the day. And, can educate them easily regarding their query, insurance policy and its benefits.

The Next Big Thing in the Insurance Industry?

Since the last decade, the digital world has expanded swiftly and is still growing exponentially. With the millions of active smartphones, it creates a web of users that can’t be penetrated using traditional tools of communication.

Because with one-way communication, it gets challenging to address the issues of customers in the real-time. But, the same is not the case with AI conversational platforms, as they connect businesses with their customers in real-time at a personal level.

Undoubtedly, AI-based insurance chatbots are on the verge to become the face of customer support. Their usage is impactfully growing in this industry and its various sectors. In fact, by 2025, 95% of the customer interaction will take place via AI bots.

The Conversational Approach

The communication gap between businesses and customers also creates a void of insurance education. As when people are unaware of the benefits of availing a service, they clearly don’t buy it. So, to change this situation. At first, it’s necessary to enlighten the visitors about the benefits of buying insurance. Because, with a clear perspective, they can proceed ahead to the transactional phase. As a result, it’ll get easier for companies to sell more.

Especially, in the case of millennials, it has been found that they lack the basic knowledge and understanding of insurance. And, it gets worse, due to the form-filling process.

But, AI conversational chatbots have the potential to transform this scenario in the best way. They can get all the necessary details from users in a conversational manner, that is necessary to process a form.

With two-way communication, visitors feel a sense of communication, as well it gets easier for them to avail insurance services online.

Automated Renewal and Claim Support

In general, most people feel that buying, renewing or claiming insurance is a time consuming and intricate process. Because insurance is one of the complex legal services that involve many transactional steps and formalities. But, this can be made simpler with the implementation of AI insurance chatbots on websites.

By powering their websites with the next-gen tech, insurance companies can help their customers during the process of filling forms, making claims, and explaining new plans.

One-on-one real-time conversation between a chatbot and insurance buyers make it easier for them to understand insurance policies. Moreover, a bot can also filter best insurance plans for the visitor as per their input, that makes the overall process hassle-free and interactive.

Video KYC is the Future

In the insurance sector, automating online identity verification of visitors can be successfully achieved by artificial intelligence based chatbot. With the video KYC feature, at first, a chatbot will ask the visitors to submit their legal documents. Then after the successful submission, visitors have to record and submit their video, holding the uploaded document, within the chat window.

After this process, insurance chatbot will send the media file to the concerned team via E-mail for authentication.

By deploying video KYC enabled chatbot, insurance companies can begin the phase of smart bot-customer interaction. Apart from this, with this next-gen tech businesses can:

  • Eliminate the possibility of fraud.
  • Get better results in a short span of time.
  • Reduce the need for physical documents for verification, yet will save time and manpower.
  • Stop the misuse of documents, as with online verification the documents will be sent to the concerned team directly.
  • Enhance the customer experience by reducing the turnaround time.
  • Make customers onboarding seamless.

Never stopping customer support

By providing real-time customer support for Insurance clients, an insurance company can promptly gain their trust and assurance. Using AI chatbots businesses can tailor the personalized conversation for the specific visitors. This unique feature of smart bots can efficiently turn up the sales, and user engagement to a whole new level.

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