Telemedicine Chatbot : Next Wave Of Healthcare Automation

Telemedicine Chatbot : Next Wave Of Healthcare Automation

Disruptive technologies can help doctors and hospitals combat any Pandemic like Coronavirus. But how?

You might wonder what’s a telemedicine chatbot and how it can help people in this hour of need? Beginning with the basics, it’s a conversational virtual assistant that’s designed to converse with people, answer their queries, educate them about the symptoms of a disease, and help them schedule appointment with doctors. 

When most of the countries worldwide are facing lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. It has become essential to filter misinformation. So, people can stay educated about the facts. However, due to the lack of medical professionals, tutoring people has become a difficult task. 

This gap can be filled with advance AI chatbots, that can answer individual queries of people across the world. It can also help in identifying the symptoms of Coronavirus and other transmissible and non-transmissible diseases. For instance, when a human is showing credible symptoms of COVID-19, a chatbot can hand off the conversation to health experts for quick assistance. 

Including this, let's see how telemedicine chatbots can make a difference in the world of humans. 

Automate healthcare support 24/7/365

Due to the surge in COVID-19 cases and causality, people across the world are panicking. They are uncertain and have cloud of questions that need to be clear. Therefore, it has become vital to answer the queries of people and keep them educated. 

Doctors and health experts have limited time to attend the repeated queries of people. Hence, by automating the tedious queries via healthcare chatbot, you can assure that every user gets the required information without waiting in queues. In addition, a chatbot can answer such queries much faster and efficiently than human counterparts. 

Related significance

  • It can make fact finding easier and interactive. 
  • It can eliminate the chances of human error while answering monotonous queries. 

Hence, by assisting the patients via virtual interface, a chatbot can reduce the need for patients to visit crowded clinics and get the answer to their queries. Furthermore, telemedicine applications can also help in minimizing the risk of infection to medical professionals. 

Health check-ups made easier

Most of the time it has been seen that every disease produces a unique symptom. Like in the case of COVID-19, patients feel breathlessness, high fever, cough, headache, chest pain, and sore throat. 

Healthcare chatbot can ask people questions concerning their health, collect diagnosis reports, hereditary diseases, chronic health problems, allergies, etc. By matching the symptoms and health conditions, a chatbot can understand the severity of a disease. It can present the same information to the concerned department and doctors. This way, a bot can simplify the record-keeping process. As well as it can assist health experts to save time and make a quick decision about the treatment of patients. 

As for instance, if a person complains about cough, fever, headache, or has a travel history to a country or specific area experiencing COVID-19 outbreak. Then a chatbot can connect them to the relevant department and health experts. By doing so, it can simplify the process of treatment for doctors and patients simultaneously, as they would be prepared in advance to treat the patient.

Related significance

  • It allows patients to upload the prescribed medication, diagnosis reports, etc. via chat screen. 
  • It can be integrated with healthcare CRM software to save and send patients information to the relevant department in real-time.

For the betterment of society, now is the perfect time for both national governments and AI services providers to carry forward the usage of telemedicine. 

Appointment booking without human assistance

At this time, it’s highly advisable for pregnant women, aged people, and children to stay away from public places, including hospitals. Here, healthcare chatbots can be a great help. By matching the symptoms of a disease, it can understand the healths status of patients and arrange a check-up appointment with health experts at any hour of the day. That too without any human assistance on the other end. 

Furthermore, a chatbot can also help in arranging future appointments by tracking the health of individual patients. Being integrated with patient monitoring system chatbot can keep concerned doctors informed about the daily health status of patients post-appointment. Hence, with quick real-time updates, a healthcare chatbot can prove as a savior for the health sector.

Related significance

  1. It can offer appointment booking slots as per the availability of doctors. 
  2. It can answer frequently asked queries related to timings, doctor’s qualification and specialisation. 
  3. It can help diagnose the underlying medical conditions by conducting a medical triage before presenting a case to the doctor.
  4. It can help collect feedback for the concerned doctor post-treatment.

Overall takeaways

Years ago when internet was introduced, it replaced the need for print newspapers. Today with the widespread use of the internet and online applications, the interaction between patients and healthcare can be reimagined. 

With doomsday on the verge, AI chatbots can offer healthcare sector with advanced technologies that can amplify the field of telemedicine. 

With 24*7 available automated support, telemedicine chatbots carry potential to remodel and transform the healthcare sector by a larger extent. They can help patients with their queries, keep them educated about the recent findings of diseases, assist doctors in decision making, and also save their time by conducting medical triage. As a result, a chatbot can prove to be a great tool for optimising healthcare support operations at a very cost-effective price.

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