Patient Engagement Chatbot : Engage, Inform, Diagnose and Treat

Patient Engagement Chatbot : Engage, Inform, Diagnose and Treat

In case of medical emergencies at places where the medic facilities are rare to find, patients often remain confused with what they should do. This lack of guidance is one of the biggest reasons for them to lose their lives. Patient Engagement skill comes out to be very beneficial during those times.

Many times people carry tools like wearable and tools that can monitor their heart rate or other physical conditions. But still, those tools can’t diagnose their disease or problem. Somewhere even after having advance health trackers, people still need to visit doctors even for fundamental issues. However, Conversational Chatbots can address that flaw seamlessly.

Patient Engagement Chatbot

A Patient Engagement Chatbot is a conversational AI-Based tool that can guide patients with what they should do during medical emergencies and how they can help others during the same.

Besides guiding the patients, a Patient Engagement Chatbot by Frontman can integrate with wearables and apps also to work as a Virtual Healthcare AssistantIt can be customized for every individual differently to monitor and analyze their health condition.

How Can A Chatbot Help in Patient Engagement?

Patient Engagement Chatbot can collect symptoms from the patient, and send reminders for timely medication intake, or in case of doubt of severe disease, it can send the report to the concerned team.

Regular Reminder Notifications

Patients can get notifications for taking medicines or reminding them to check with a doctor by registering their preferences. Furthermore, hospitals can integrate Frontman with third-party apps like mail chimp, AWS SNS or active campaign to send reminders through email or SMS. 

Symptom Collection and Analysis

A Patient Engagement Chatbot can take input of the patients like their symptoms, and register medication adherence. With the received information and previous medical history of the patient, the Chatbot can furthermore analyze what underlying disease the patient could have. And with the predictive results, the bot can either schedule an appointment with the doctor or handoff conversation to the concerned doctor depending on the severity of the case.

Book Appointments

Patients can book an appointment seamlessly via Chatbot rather than spending time on the hospital crowds or queues in customer care. All that they need is to make a few clicks.

Also, doctors can ask patients to answer a questionnaire after booking the appointment. It allows doctors to know more about the patient’s condition, which can help them to diagnose the problem faster.

Increased patient awareness

With this tool, healthcare businesses can help their patients to get factual and real information about their disease and treatment. Having a source of communication between the hospital and the patient about the procedures can help in building trust between each other. Companies can also use images and videos to make the delivery of information more engaging.

Hybrid Chat Solution

Undoubtedly, a bot can’t handle every query or problem. So, in the case of complex questions or issues, the Chatbot can handover the conversation to the human agent. Patients can converse via voice call (Telephony) or text messages with the agent to get their queries resolved.

Also, even the agents can monitor the conversation of the patient with the Frontman and can took-over the chat if it requires. This advanced method of human + bot customer service can help organizations to make their customer support better. And to check whether the agent has been able to provide satisfactory service or not, companies can ask for feedback about the agent post conversation.

Patient Engagement Solution For Histopathology Labs

Even Histopathology Labs can use Patient Engagement Chatbot for making tasks like booking blood collection appointments, report download, and getting information about every element of report automated.

Histopathology Lab can automate customer support with the Chatbot, and which can help the organization to decrease the workload from the staff.

Patient Engagement With Conversational Landing Page

Conversational Landing Page is an advance substitute for web-form landing pages. In this tool, when the visitors click on the link, they redirect to a chatbot enabled webpage. At there, rather than “searching” for the information, they can directly ask for it from the chatbot.

Moreover, businesses can engage the visitors in the conversational flow to get their contact details while assisting them with their queries. It can help the organization to get higher leads than the web-forms.


Patient Engagement Chatbot by Frontman is designed for healthcare industries like Pharmaceuticals, Medtech companies, Pathological Labs, Private Clinics, etc. by our expert team. It can be beneficial for doctors, healthcare management, and patients in many ways.

The intellectual interface of a Chatbot can help businesses to get higher engagement virtually and provide better customer satisfaction. With this tool, enterprises can decrease their expenses and can help staff by reducing their workload in many possible ways.

Moreover, businesses can even ask for feedback and reviews about their services with Patient Engagement Chatbot. This tool is capable of getting a 60% higher submission rate than web-forms.

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