Get Quick Post Conference Feedback Via Frontman

Get Quick Post Conference Feedback Via Frontman

Customers’ criticism is the feedback that you should act on without any delay. You can perfect the art of delivering what customers expect by anticiapting their input.

What makes getting post-conference feedback the most tiresome task? The sole reason is that no one likes to participate in it, especially when conducted via boring forms. But, on the other hand, from a business viewpoint, it gets critical to get the opinion of the attendees. So, it can be examined how to compose a future conference perfectly.

There is a genuine reason why people don’t like filling forms, and that’s forms lack interaction.

That’s where AI chatbots can serve their true purpose. Being built on the conversational framework, you can use them to personalize the feedback collection process and make it exciting for users.

Get Basics: Why People Attend Conferences?

A conference should be clear and concise towards presenting what is being promised to the people, as it’s the sole reason why they have signed up for it. However, apart from this, there are certain reasons that carry the interest of the audience. Like, a conference is a great place to learn about a product, network and connect with likewise people.

The Need for Post Conference Feedback

Sometimes, a third-person perspective can help you in understanding what went wrong and how to make it right.

Every conference is based on a particular theme, and it’s critical to understand if your audience has grasped it as it was composed.

The perfect way to deliver successful conferences is by designing a captivating one as per the audience interest.

Did you deliver what your event promised? Does your audience look forward to such events in the future? These are certain questions that can help you manifest and understand how to make a future conference exciting. Getting answers to these questions is critical and that’s where AI chatbots can be extremely useful.

How to make feedback collection interactive?

Event organizers encounter puzzles while analyzing feedback forms because only a few people submit them. As a result, with a small sample size, they never get to know the downsides of a conference, and how to make the next event grander than the last?

The main reason behind this is long Emails and forms that lack the interaction with the visitors, hence only a few participants submit them. However, when you utilize an interactive platform like Frontman to pursue feedback collection goals. Then it gets easier for users to submit their feedback. Plus, the submission rate also exceeds by up to 67%.

How to Collect Feedback Via Frontman-AI Chatbot?

Frontman makes the feedback collection process simple yet interactive. By asking the name, age, and gender of the participants, you can tailor the conversation in a personalized tone. Plus, for each user rating, you can impersonate a different conversation. So that you can get more input from the participants.

You should ask attendees about their experiences regarding the conference, and what they liked and disliked, and how they want to see the next one! By magnifying the conversation, you will gain a broad sense of how to make a conference perfect?


Empower the conference website via Frontman, and at the end of the conference send URL of the website via Email or SMS to the attendees. When they will visit the site, this AI chatbot will interactively communicate with them and ask for quick feedback.

But, unlike forms, it doesn’t toss all the questions at once. Rather, to keep the users engaged, Frontman will ask for specific details in a particular manner. That’ll encourage people to submit the information while continuing the conversation. For each user input, it will thank the visitors and will smartly raise another question in response to the previous one.

By reducing the effort that participants will have to make while submitting their feedback. You can make the feedback collection process more dynamic. For doing so, you should make use of interactive cards, such as Quick reply cardMultiple-choice cardRating cardAutosuggest card, and Range SliderThese cards allow a user to pick a single/multiple options by simply clicking on the screen.

How to get the feedback of the participants?

To get the feedback, you should save the user input into attributes. An attribute is like an array that can contain multiple values. By saving the information into them, you can recall it whenever needed.

Or, you can also send the feedback to the analysis team in real-time via SMS/Email card. This way you can assign a human to assist and solve the griefs of attendees. Like, allow people to report their missing item via Frontman.

How to say bye to the visitors?

With the help of AI chatbots, you can enhance the world of feedback collection. From the beginning to the end of the conversation, Frontman can hold the attention of the participants and make it perfect.

Moreover, there are certain ways that can be followed to make the feedback collection process more productive. So after getting the user response, you should share the certificate of attendance. This way, you can boost the feedback submission rate effectively.

And, you can also highlight and share the details of the next events to the participants, By using the Date Picker cardyou can start the pre-booking of the conference in advance.

Key Takeaways for Conference and Event Organizers

It takes a lot of effort to compose a successful conference or summit. There are certain factors that you should check like, venue, timings, speakers, and communication with participants. Though there are many other things that you should have in your mind while organizing a conference. But, with the increase in the number of factors, it gets difficult to analyze on what front you failed to deliver. That’s why it’s important to get feedback from the attendees. But, with traditional tools, like forms, it gets tedious for people to submit their feedback. However, by leveraging conversational platforms like Frontman, you can enhance the user experience and boost feedback submission rate by up to 67%.

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