5 Factors to Help You Determine Customer Satisfaction via Frontman

5 Factors to Help You Determine Customer Satisfaction via Frontman

One bad experience is enough for your customers to jump off the ship. But many times businesses fail to intercept what went wrong. As a result, it becomes challenging to sustain a long-term relationship with existing customers.

Customer relationship and customer experience are deeply connected. Many factors determine the role of existing and potential customers in the development of a business. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand what factors are killing the customer experience. And, how to revitalize and enhance customer engagement with a business.

Traditional Ways of Interpreting Customers

To analyze and interpret customers, many businesses often make use of various tools, such as Survey via forms and Heatmap Graphical Representation of visitors' interaction. But, both ways are ineffective in today’s conversational world. Because less than 8% of the total landing visitors fill survey forms. A low submission rate leads to a small sample size. That’s why the same data gets invalid on the rest of the 92% of the users, that hadn’t completed the survey.

Whereas, by decoding the Heatmaps, that illustrate the interaction of the users while visiting a website or webpage. Businesses might get information regarding how to present a web-page interactively. But, it gets challenging to interpret why a visitor hasn’t liked a particular product, service or website’s section.

Take the Next Step Towards Conversational Surveys

What makes texting, or speaking to someone via phone call engaging? Don’t think too much, it’s two-way communication. Now, it doesn’t mean that you should start to call or text every customer and ask them various survey questions. Because that’ll surely not work. 

Give support and take feedback:

Instead, by deploying AI chatbot like Frontman that can understand users’ input and respond to them accordingly. A business website can answer the queries of the thousands of landing visitors simultaneously. And, at the end of the conversation can ask for quick user feedback.

When users feel a connection from beginning to the end of the conversation, it’s highly probable that they’ll submit the survey. Though, it’s not possible to take input from 100% of the website visitors. But nevertheless, with the help of Frontman, businesses can manage to get the feedback submission rate of more than 64%.

Traditional Boring Surveys Vs Conversational Exciting Surveys

Do you wish to fill forms as you see them? Well, to be true, only 14% of people like filling them. And, only 8% submits them. These numbers indicate that traditional ways of running survey campaigns are getting ineffective. Because forms are purely based on one-way communication. That’s why when website visitors see long forms, they skip them, or close the tab.

But, the same questions can be asked via a conversational chatbot-Frontman. Using this platform, you can insert videos, images, gifs, and can even personalize a survey by tailoring bot conversation according to the visitors’ interaction.

How to Build A Bot-survey?

Did you know that even a single question can help you understand what your website visitors like and dislike? But, that’s true. There are a variety of questions that can be asked one at a time to the website visitors. And, when visitors replies then Frontman will appreciate their action instantly. That’ll prompt them to answer more questions in a row.

Why survey medium matter?

Even when a user quits the survey in between, still Frontman being a smart chatbot can save the provided inputs into the assigned attribute. The same is not the case with forms, as they collect data when users hit the submit button.

That’s why survey medium matters. As with AI chatbots, you can even get the data of incomplete surveys. That can be analyzed to understand where most of the visitors are dropping off. And, how to build a campaign, that users can’t resist participating in.

Moreover, with the help of Progressive Web Application, you can also send the conversational survey via a link to your existing customers and clients. When they will click on the link, then the bot will appear and begin the conversation as defined.

Intercept and Interpret the Actions of Website Visitors

Every website visitor has a purpose behind visiting a website. To categorize them as per their actions, you should utilize intelligent tools. That can understand their goal by analyzing their actions. By doing so, you can understand what differentiates your customers from visitors. And, how to target specific users that matter for your business.

May I know the purpose of your visit?

As an AI chatbot, Frontman can greet visitors and ask them “How can I help you today” or “May I know the purpose of your visit”. These simple questions can help you get a clear understanding of the visitors’ purpose behind the visit. Along with the question, you can provide responsive buttons, like I need customer support, I want to know the plans, Sign me up, etc. When a user clicks on a particular button then you can save the response into an attribute and bot redirect the bot conversation as per the input.

Why Existing Customers Matter?

Acquiring new customers demand a lot of resources, time, and money. That’s why sustainable businesses maintain a never-ending relationship with their existing clients and customers. So, that they can boost engagement rate, conversion rate, and ROI effectively, without adding up the operational cost. Caring for the existing customers differentiates a great business from others, and influences the prospects and engaged visitors to get through the transactional phase.

5 Factors to Help You Win and Win Back More Customers

Every major business invests a lot of resources to enhance customer satisfaction in the best way possible. But, before you spend resources in sustaining the relationship with your customers, it’s important to understand the field of support, and where you are lacking. There are certain techniques to measure it, such as Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer Effort Score, Net Promoter Score, and how your chatbot is communicating with visitors and customers.

1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

It is the analysis of customers' satisfaction and dissatisfaction with a particular product or service. It comprises of questions like, How would you like to rate the customer service you received today.

You can take the user input via an AI chatbot in a conversational manner. Moreover, by using the Rating card, or Range Slider card, you can simply allow users to select a rating from the scale of 1–3, 1–5, 1–7, or 1–10, whichever suits your audience best. These cards allow you to save user input into a specific attribute. By saving the user input, you can calculate the CSAT score using this method.

How to calculate CSAT: When calculated on a scale of 1–10, use this method:

How to calculate CSAT via Frontman?

Frontman allows you to collect CSAT scores in the easiest way possible. By using inbuilt cards, such as Rating, Range slider, and Quick Reply, that can be placed within the conversation. You can get the rating of the customers, and save them into an attribute. By calling the attribute, you’ll get the rating of each user.

Via Range Slider card: You can use this card to take user input from a scale of 1–10, 1–7, 1–5, or 1–3. This card lets a user slide and pick a rating and submit the response regarding customer experience.

Here we’ll take user input on a scale of 1–10:

Via Rating card: This card can take user ratings from 1–5 in two ways. You can either make use of Emojis or Stars to let a user pick and rate customer experience. Each way, the ratings are divided into 5 parts. When using Emojis, the ratings will be marked as 1- Awful, 2- Not good, 3- Okay, 4- Good, 5- Awesome.

 Here we’ll take user input on a scale of 1–5:

What CSAT tells?

Customer Satisfaction Score is the key metric in understanding the satisfaction level of the customers. It can help raise the quality of customer support, products and services in the right direction.

2. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Using this method, you can get a clear idea of the customers’ intention to recommend a product or service to their known ones like friends and family. You can take the NPS score from a scale of 1–10. These are the essential metrics in NPS:

  • Promoters — These are the ones who rate 9 or 10. Such users pose a great chance of promoting your product and service among the people they know.
  • Passives — These are the ones who rate 7 or 8. They might recommend your product or service, but also pose a great chance of switching brand.
  • Detractors — These are the ones who rate from 0–6. Such people are unlikely to promote or recommend your product or service among the known ones.

How to calculate NPS: It’s calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractor from promoters.

How to calculate NPS via Frontman?

AI can be of great help in analyzing and understanding the user input. Frontman allows businesses to engage with website visitors and tailor personalized conversations. That can help promote visitors to submit a survey response. Frontman can record the user inputs in a defined attribute, that can be called to interpret the NPS score.

Via Range Slider card:

What NPS tells?

Net Promoter Score is one of the major factors that explain if a business is moving in the right direction. Because, when a customer becomes the mouthpiece of your business, then it gets easier to attract more buyers and sell products and services at a better rate.

3. Customer Effort Score (CES)

CES is a combination of CSAT & NPS. It’s based on the efforts that a customer has to make to solve a problem. To understand the expertise of your customer support, you can ask a question like “ Did we helped you in the best way?”. You can ask the same question from various aspects as per the domain of your business. Customers can rate the service on a scale of 1–3, 1–5, 0r 1–7.

In the case of 1–3, mark the numbers as:

1 = Difficult
2 = Neutral
3 = Easy

In the case of 1–5, mark the numbers as:

1 = Very high effort
2 = High effort
3 = Neutral
4 = Low effort
5 = Very low effort

And, in the case of 1–7, mark the numbers as:

1 = Extremely difficult
2 = Very difficult
3 = Fairly difficult
4 = Neutral
5 = Fairly easy
6 = Very easy
7 = Extremely easy

How to calculate CES: Count the average of all the responses by adding up the user ratings and divide it by the total number of users. Higher scores reflect better customer response.

How to calculate CES via Frontman?

Frontman can be a great help in reducing the efforts that customers have to make while seeking customer support. Or, while asking a general query regarding a product or service. This AI chatbot can assist users 24*7*365. This always active functionality results in enhanced user experience. Hence, it gets easier for businesses to improve the Customer Effort Score swiftly.

Via Range Slider card:

What CES tells?

Customer Effort Score helps measure the efforts that a customer put in to get a query solved, or get information about a particular product or service. By getting the CES score, you can understand if it’s easier for a customer to avail a service or not. And, how to make customer interaction effortless and fruitful.

4. Customize and Personalize Your Survey’s Layout and Questions.

To make a survey easygoing, you should be well aware of how and when to ask a question to your customers. You can do this with the help of AI chatbots. As they can understand when to ask a question as per the interaction of the customer with the website.

You can personalize the survey by recalling the name of the customers, and how satisfied they are with a product or service. In this manner, they feel connected with businesses and share their feedback without closing the window or tab.

5. Ask Questions, Get Data, and Work On it

When you ask questions to the users and get their valuable feedback. It’s highly recommended to analyze their input and work accordingly. People have submitted their responses because they wanted to see a particular change.

And, when you develop your business accordingly, you craft the business as per the audience interest. That can help enhance the synergy with them. As well as, in maximizing the output of the operations.

Why Traditional Customer Engagement Techniques Led Towards Low CSAT, NPS, and CES?

Business websites that utilize traditional tools like, live chats, forms, and telecentres, often fail to connect with visitors as they ask for customer support. With such tools, customers have to wait for some time to connect with an agent or either they have to fill a form to avail such services.

Waiting time degrades the customer experience and relationship with a business. Because customers expect a quick response from businesses that claim 24*7 support. And, when an organization fails to deliver as promised, it lowers the Customer Satisfaction Score, Net Promoter Score, and Customer Effort Score.

However, the same isn’t the case with Frontman. As it can answer the customers, and transfer their critical queries to the concerned team in real-time. With this functionality, website visitors perceive a sense of connection with a business. That ultimately leads to an excellent CSAT, NPS, and CES score.

To make a survey easygoing, you should be well aware of how and when to ask a question to your customers. You can do this with the help of AI chatbots. As they can understand when to ask a question as per the interaction of the customer.

The Link Between Customer Satisfaction and Business Success

Maximize Business success
& Customer Happiness via Frontman

Which factor holds a customer from turning away from a business? Customer satisfaction is no more a buzzword, it’s more than this. Because it binds the interest of the buyers toward a particular organization. And, to delight the customers in a modern conversational way, businesses are empowering their websites by deploying AI chatbot.

So, that they can act on the queries of the visitors as they ask. This real-time engagement shifts the interest of the users’ towards a product or service quickly. As a result, enterprises gain real-time business in a short period. Moreover, 24*7 active chat support also drives toward making customers happy and satisfied.

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Reinventing Customer Engagement Experience

Fully-engaged customer represents 23% more revenue than average. If you don’t have a conversational engagement strategy, you could be missing opportunities to interact with customers and building long-lasting relationship with them.

Makerobos Innovation Labs is the leading technology company in India focusing on engagement centric products enabling marketers, product owners & customer success managers to create a conversational engagement strategy that outshines any conventional method so that businesses can reap the benefits of fully engaged, loyal customers.

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NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.


NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.


NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.


NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.

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