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Chatbot for Insurance Companies

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Use cases

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Investment Advisor

Investment Advisor

Create Investment advsior bot for advising investors on investment front

Term Insurance

Term Insurance

Build term insurance chatbot to help customers with selecting the best term insurance policy without human intervention

Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan

Create retirement plan bot to assist senior citizens with browsing and choosing the right retirement plan

Health Plan Advisor

Health Plan Advisor

Make health advisor chatbot to assist individuals with comparing different health plans from top vendors

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Build car finance chatbot to assist car buyers with finding the best car insurance policy in the marketplace

Two Wheeler Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance

Create bike insurance bot to help customers with bike insurance services

Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Make home insurance chatbot to assist home owners finding the best home insurance policy

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Create health insurance chatbot to suggest and educate customers on different health insurance plans

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Deploy travel chatbot to protect travelers round the clock

General Insurance

General Insurance

Implement general insurance chatbot to assist customers on policy specifics, premium calculation, and extend personalized offers 24x7

Insurance Claim Filing

Insurance Claim Filing

Deploy insurance claims chatbot on the general insurance website to automate claim filing processes by asking relevant questions and update users on disbursement process

Covid-19 Insurance

Covid-19 Insurance

Deploy Covid-19 insurance chatbot to buy or renew an insurance policy covering medical expenses, including hospitalization and treatment cost for coronavirus infection

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is an Insurance Chatbot?

Insurance chatbot is a smart virtual agent that can interpret the queries of the visitors and reply accordingly. It can educate the users about complex insurance policies and suggest which one can be better for them based on their preferences.

✔ How Insurance Chatbot can Boost Lead Generation?

Insurance is a way to protect, hence it gets essential for people to buy and renew policies. But, as there are tens of insurances available, it gets important to help people understand the complex terms and conditions of the insurance policies. Insurance chatbot can connect with the landing website visitors at any hour of the day, answer their queries, and get the user details of the prospects. The real-time assistance help users get the required information, which further promotes their interest in buying a policy. Hence as a result insurance chatbot can enhance the lead generation.

✔ How to Use this Chatbot Template?

To use the insurance chatbot template, login into Dashboard and visit the templates section. Then clone Insurance template into the Instances section. Switch to the Instances, open the Insurance Chatbot, and visit the Publish section to deploy it on the website.

✔ I want to Create Insurance Chatbot

To create an Insurance Chatbot for your business, you have to first signup and create an account. Then log ino the Dashboard and create an Instance or clone one from the Templates section. Open the instance and go to the Style Builder to design the chatbot, and Story Builder section to build the conversational flow.

✔ What are the Main Benefits of Insurance Chatbot?

Customers are more likely to connect with businesses that remain available 24*7. By deploying a chatbot on the insurance website, you can connect with the ready to buy customers at any hour of the day. AI chatbot can also help you get the right user analytics, boost lead generation, enhance the marketing and sales performance, at a very cost-effective price.

✔ What are the Use Cases of Insurance Chatbot?

There are hundreds of use cases of AI chatbots in the insurance sector. Like, they can be used to automate the claims and processing, provide 24*7 active customer support, educate users regarding complex insurance policies, create a sales funnel, and get the feedback of the end-users to understand the lapses and make business more sustainable for future clients.

✔ Can a User File for a Claim via Insurance chatbot?

Yes, you can train the chatbot with claims and policy renewals. And. you can allow customers to file for a claim without any human intervention. This feature can highyl help Auto insurance businesses in reducing the operation cost while processing the claims of the customers.

✔ How can Insurance Chatbot Boost Maketing and Sales?

Insurance chatbot is your key to win more customers at any hour of the day. It lets you market insurance policies while personalizing them as per user interest. This allows customers to stay connected with your business hence provide your business with better sales opportunities.

✔ How to Embed Insurance Chatbot on the Website?

Login into the Dashboard , open the Insurance chatbot Instance and go to the Publish section. Scroll down to the Embed Frontman. Here, you’ll have to enter the container id to generate a code, then paste the same code into the particular webpage’s HTML section. Save changes, and your bot will be deployed into the specified section.

✔ What are the Prime Features of Insurance Chatbot?

Being an AI chatbot, Frontman allows insurance businesses to get hands-on some of the unique and industry-first features: (1) Generate genuine leads: Verify prospects via OTP and send the details to the human agents in real-time. (2) Personalize conversation: Capture the interest of the users by personalizing the conversation as per their preferences. (3) Embed chatbot: Integrate the chatbot at a specific section of the webpage and start the targetted conversation with the users. (4) Live chat handoffs: Insurance chatbot allows smart and contextual handoffs to live chat agents when it fails to answer a query of the users or when a user asks for human assistance. (5) Get real-time analytics: Insurance chatbot keeps track of the business goals and saves important metrics like first seen, last seen, total visits, city, device type, etc.

✔ How Insurance Chatbot can Help Users?

Website visitors can be your gateway to unlock more prospects. Hence, it gets important to assist the website visitors as they ask a query. Insurance bot can understand their requirements, educate them about various insurance policies, such life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, etc. And, pitch them a relevant policies that meets their needs.

✔ What is the Future of chatbots in Insurance Sector?

The next-gen tech will drive around AI and its applications, so undoubtedly AI is going to play a crucial role in enabling an inclusive future for humans. In the insurance industry, it is expected to enhance customer support services while reducing the cost of operations substantially. Like this, insurance chatbot can change the face of traditional marketing with more engaging conversational marketing techniques.

✔ How this Template can Boost Engagement rate?

The predefined insurance chatbot template covers all the primary aspects of user engagement, customer support, and lead generation. So, whenever a user will land on your website, at the same time (as defined in the Wakeup settings) Frontman will wake up and start the predefined conversation.

✔ I Want to Create Insurance Chatbot in Different Languages.

Frontman can be trained in multiple languages.

✔ Can I Collect KYC Documents via Chatbot?

Yes, you can. Via User Input card you can use the file upload feature (available in Business and Enterprise plans only) to get the documents from the end-users. You can choose to send the documents to the concerned team in real-time via Email/SMS.

✔ I want to run PPC camapaigns via Insurance chatbot?

Sure, Insurance chatbot allows you to build conversational PPC campaigns. You can track user engagement in real-time and enhance the performance of the campaign.

✔ What are the Applications of insurance chatbot?

Insurance chatbot can be used as a virtual assistant in any of its fields. Be it life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, or home insurance. A single bot can handle all the queries of the customers and assist them accordingly. The most valued applications of the Insurance chatbot are: (1) Send personalized quotations to the customers. (2) Offer relevant services as per user input. (3) Manage claims and renewals.. (4) Assign contextual handoffs to the live chat agents. (5) Implement analytical data in real-time.

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