Automobile Chatbot(11)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automotive Chatbot?

Automobile chatbot is the computer program that is developed to assist the users with various queries related to the four-wheeler and two-wheeler. A bot can answer the repeated queries of the users without letting them wait and can offer a wide range of services to the users including book a test drive, book a cab, learn about newly launched cars, book a service slot, and get on road price quotation.

What are the Features of Automobile Chatbot?

The automobile chatbot carries a bag of features, such as: (1) Date Picker feature allows you to let users schedule a meeting and get the details on their Google Calendar. (2) Verify the user credentials by sending OTP via SMS and Email. (3) Create a Persistent Menu and list the core offering of your business. (4) Broadcast a message with the audience. (5) Get real-time interaction analytics.

How to Build Automobile Chatbot?

Sign up now and create an account. Then log into the dashboard and create an Instance or copy one from the Templates. Now click on the bot Instance and visit the Story Builder section to develop the conversational flow. Also, you can visit the Style Builder section to change the appearance of the chatbot.

How a Chatbot can Boost Lead Generation?

Unlike forms, chatbots interact with users and keep them engaged. With all-time available first-hand support, it gets easier for the website visitors to interact with the Automobile chatbot and get their queries answered. This, in turn, promotes the prospects to enter and submit the user details, which eventually enhances the lead generation.

What is the Future of Automobile Chatbot?

With the rising expectations, AI chatbots will go hand in hand and will make it easier for OEMs' to provide active customer support, market vehicles, and provide other services to the end-users without any delay. Automobile chatbot can produce deep data analytics that can be leveraged to understand and decode the interest of the buyers.

What User Analytics are Available in the Automobile Chatbot?

Automobile chatbot can collect a wide range of user information ranging from user name, last visit, device type, city, total users, returning users, and goal tracker information. All this can be used to decode the audience and upscale marketing and sales effectively.

I'm using Forms to Generate Leads, how Automobile Chatbot is Different?

The most basic difference between a bot and web form is that bots can converse and interact with the users. While the same is not possible with long and boring forms. So, undoubtedly Automobile chatbot is a better and modern way to connect with leads that matter. Including this, a chatbot can help you enhance the user experience which will eventually result in better lead generation.

Which Plan is Best for me?

Get started with the Free Forever plan to test the bot on your business website, or you can pick Individual plan for single page website, for business website you can go with Business plan or Enterprise Plan as per the requirement.

What are the Benefits of Automobile Chatbot?

The next-gen chatbots can help OEM's and car dealers to market their products to a large audience at a very cost-effective price. Automobile chatbot can be used to generate leads, book test drive, market vehicle, get user analytics, and answer the queries of the users.

What is the Pricing of Automobile Chatbot?

Frontman is available in Free Forever, Individual, Business, and Enterprise plans. Click here to check out the features and pricing Automobile chatbot.

Can I Integrate CRM and 3rd Party Applications?

Yes, happy integrating.

How Automobile chatbot can Help in Marketing?

In the era of conversational marketing, Automobile chatbot can be a great companion. It can save the user details, like name, preference, last visit, total visits, location, etc. This information can be used to tailor personalized conversational flow and market products to a specific audience. In addition, you can also run PPC, SMS, and Email marketing campaigns via Automobile chatbot and keep track of the user analytics in real-time.

What Kind of Marketing Campaigns can I Run via Automobile Chatbot?

Automobile chatbots are a great marketing tool. They can be used to run personalized campaigns, track user analytics and improve the performance of the campaigns in real-time. Moreover, you can also run PPC, SMS, and Email conversational marketing campaigns via this chatbot.

Automobile Chatbot or Live chat? Which One is Better?

Automobile chatbot is best suited when you have to answer and connect with thousands or hundreds of users. Whereas, Live chat is the best option when you to pursue a few clients. You can use AI chatbot to filter the prospects from website visitors and then connect with the interested buyers at your convenience.

How to Generate Genuine Leads via Automobile Chatbot?

This Automobile chatbot features an inbuilt OTP verification feature that can be used to authenticate the information provided by the users.