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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travel Chatbot?

A Travel Chatbot is a conversational virtual agent developed to assist travelers with their queries regarding booking a flight, bus, hotel, etc. It can also provide users with a traveling guide, help with VISA, and display last-minute deals.

What are the Features of Travel Chatbot?

A Travel chatbot allows businesses to display Pre-welcome message to the landing website visitors and display exciting offers. When a user proceed forward to the booking step, then the bot will collect the user details and send it to the concerned teams in realtime. A bot can also help in verifying the user details via OTP and reduce the chances of fraud.

What is the Pricing of Travel Chatbot?

Click here to check out the features and pricing of Travel Chatbot.

Can I Integrate CRM and 3 party Applications?

Yes, you can integrate CRM and thrird party applications.

Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, you can train the bot in multiple languages.

Can I get User Data and Analytics?

The Travel chatbot collects all the important user analytics in real-time. This data can be used to analyze the preferences of the users, and how to target specific users while promoting a particular service. You can also download and save the CSV file of the user analytics from the 'Audiences' section of the dashboard.

Can I Run Marketing Campaigns via Travel Chatbot?

Yes, you can run marketing campaigns via chatbots at a very cost-effective price. The Travel bot enables you to run Email, SMS, and PPC based conversational marketing campaigns. You can also track user engagement and analyze the performance of a campaign in real-time. In addition, when required, you can make changes in the campaign and improve it.

Can I Design the Travel Chatbot?

Travel chatbot is fully customizable. You can change bot's front menu, interaction color, pattern, add or remove elements such as Persistent Menu, Broadcast Message, Get Subscribers, add Avatar, and Logo to personalize the bot.

What are the Benefits of Travel Chatbot?

There are many benefits of Travel chatbot, such as it can assist the users at any hour of the day, and suggest them best destinations by analyzing the previous interactions of the users. A travel bot can speed up the operations and reduce the cost of operations by taking up automated tasks. And, by remaining available 24*7, it enhahnces the visibility of your business and promotes round the clock customer support and also boosts the lead generation.

What are the Applications of Travel Chatbot?

The conversational chatbots are the new black in the Travel and toursim industry. Such platforms can be used to automate many tasks ranging from answering the queries of the customers to assisting users with their booking. Apart from this, a chatbot can be used to market the services to the users based on their personalized experience. In adition, you can drive more traffic to your website and engage with a wider audience via conversational PPC, Email, and SMS marketing campaigns.

How to CreateTravel Chatbot?

Building a Travel Chatbot is the easiest task. You can sign up now and create an account, then log into the Dashboard, create an Instance and open it. Then Visit the Style Builder to design the chatbot and Story Builder and Instinct AI to develop the conversational flow and train the chatbot with the repeated queries of the users.

What is the Future of Travel Chatbots?

The most important feature of AI chatbots is: they can learn with user interactions. With the day to day learning, they can become smarter and helpful. In the travel industry, AI chatbots can advance the way users search for destinations and book tickets. A bot can keep track of the places that users like to visit and suggest the best destinations based on personalized experience. AI chatbots can also help in simplifying the travel arrangements, save user's time, and make traveling hassle-free for them.

Can Travel Chatbot Assist Users with Holiday Planning?

Yes, a bot can help users with planning their holidays. Travel chatbot can ask users a few questions about the places they would like to visit, trip days, budget, etc. Using the input provided by the users, it can display them the suitable destinations. A user can book a package via the chatbot, or can also ask queries regarding fare price, discounts, and offers.

Are Chatbots Cost Effective for Travel Agencies?

AI chatbots offer a wide range of services via a conversational interface. They can be used to automate monotonous tasks such as answering the repeated queries of the customers, and other tasks that require the same repetitive steps. Automating all such tasks can help in reducing the cost of operations while speeding up the operations.

Can I take Feedback from the Customers?

You can collect the feedback of the customers and run a specific conversational flow as per their input. This can help in better understanding the areas of improvement, and user preferences. You can also send the user feedback to the concerned team for further analysis.