Conversational AI Bots : Top 50 Applications [In-Depth]

Conversational AI Bots : Top 50 Applications [In-Depth]

There can be many uses of chatbot in different sectors like Healthcare, Finance & Banking, Hospitality, HR, Marketing, Education, Recruitment, Travel, Automobile, Insurance, Tax, IT, Legal, E-commerce, B2B, News, Survey, Event Management, Customer Care, Railways and Aviation industry, etc.

Here we have made a list of uses of conversational AI and chatbot for a few of the industries. This analysis can help you to understand how chatbots can be helpful for your business as well.


1. Appointment Booking [Healthcare Chatbot]

With a chatbot on the website, the patients can seamlessly book appointments without human intervention. Also, healthcare businesses can integrate the chatbot with doctors google calendar. When someone schedules a meeting with the doctors, they get instantly updated.

2. Symptom Detection And Diagnosis  [Healthcare Chatbot]

Chatbots being an AI-powered tool, they can collect symptom information from patience and diagnose their disease. Also, with conversational bots, businesses can reduce the turnaround time that doctor has to invest on every patient to know their problem for the diagnoses.

3. Schedule Pickup And Delivery of Medicines  [Healthcare Chatbot]

Not only hospitals but the pharmaceutical department also can use the applications of a chatbot for allowing patients to purchase medicine quickly from the bot. Patients can also schedule and monitor the orders via chatbot and help pharmaceutical companies to boost their leads and decrease their customer support expenses by letting chatbot do the most heavy lifting.

Finance & Banking

4. Get Account Balances Details [Banking Chatbot]

It is quite a time consuming and cumbersome job for customers to first login and then get their account balance details. With chatbot enabled banking system, chatbots can get their account balance information quickly within the chat window with one click authorisation.

5. Automated Customer Service and Support [Banking Chatbot]

Automating customer support with Conversational AI and Chatbots can be very profitable for companies. On average, almost all enterprises invest more than 40% of their capital on their customer services. And with automation, this cost can reduce to less than 20%. Moreover, businesses can make their services available 24*7 with these tools.

6. Automated FAQs, Fund Transfer, And Fund Transfer [Banking Chatbot]

Customers use online banking mostly for tasks like fund transfer, loan application, and to get other banking related information. With automated chatbots, customers can schedule and make account transfer within chat window, fill loan application via conversational forms, and the desired info quickly at any time.


7. Booking Rooms And Accepting Payments [Hotel Chatbot]

A chatbot can allow customers to easily book the desired room for the stay just by chatting. Also, businesses can integrate payment getaway tools in it to enable customers to make payments to confirm booking. Moreover, customers can get assistance with their queries regarding the services offered by the hotel.

8. Virtual room tours [Hotel Chatbot]

Customers can get a view of the rooms via 360 video tour within conversational flow. Chatbots can help customers choose the type of room they may like and can give them a virtual room tour for the same. Moreover, chatbots can show feedbacks and reviews by previous customers to help them take informed decision. With the broader view of the services that hotels are providing, businesses can get higher leads and convince more visitors to convert.

9. Reservation changes [Hotel Chatbot]

Traditionally it is quite a complicated job to make changes like the room number, room type, booking date, and check-in date in the hotel reservation. But with conversational AI, businesses can allow their customers to do those tasks quickly and easily at any time without any human intervention. Chatbots can also educate customers about the policies and charges for cancellation and other issues conversationally.

Human Resources

10. Automated Recruiting And Employee Support [HR Chatbot]

HR Department can do tasks like resume collection, pre-screening candidates, interview scheduling, and appointment letter automation for the applicants with a chatbot. The company’s employees can get their queries answered with the chatbot, and it can allow them to submit their leave application, and allow them to schedule meetings with the seniors.

11. Simplified Onboarding And Online Training  [HR Chatbot]

With conversational AI and chatbot, companies can easily guide new hires through initial training and policy overviews. Automated processes with a chatbot can help employees select and complete their online training without human intervention. Also, automated systems can allow the human resources department to collect complaints and open tickets from the employees.

The main task of Conversational Bots is to help businesses in decreasing the work-load from the human resource department and help employees in fastest possible way. By automation, the human resource department can even track their employee’s mood, emotional views, and conduct surveys to examine how they can improve the work-life balance.


12. Order Placement & Tracking [Retail Chatbot]

Chatbots can allow customers to place orders within chat windows and also provide the most relevant suggestions to them based on the previous order analysis. It can help businesses to improve their sales and make order placement process interactive for the customers.

Moreover, companies can use a chatbot to provide live tracking information to the customers to make it easy for them to get the status of their order.

13. Collect Feedback And Reviews [Retail Chatbot]

Businesses can request product/service feedback and reviews by conversational AI and chatbots. With interactive emoji, star, and NPS score feedback collection system; companies can get 60% more submission from their customers. It can help businesses to know more about the customer’s thoughts on the company, and also help them to improve their services in case of a negative review.

14. Attracting More Customers Via Deals And Offers [Retail Chatbot]

By broadcasting special offers and deals in the broadcast messages, businesses can attract more customers to buy products or services from their website. A Chatbot can also allow customers to get coupons, apply them, and also subscribe to the newsletter for more offers and information.


15. Automated Meeting Scheduling And Conference Management [Marketing Chatbot]

Businesses can use an automated meeting scheduler to automate scheduling of business meetings. Also, it can help firms organise virtual conferences and analyse the outcome of it. With features like behavioural targeting, website visitor reference tracking via UTMs, and review and feedback collection system, businesses can host webinars, virtual meet-ups and demo sessions in a fully automated manner.

16. Conversational Ads [Marketing Chatbot]

Companies can conduct PPC Campaigns and social media ad campaigns via conversational advertisement to attract more leads on the website. With a conversational landing page, businesses can capture the attention of more leads by interactively conversing with them leading to more conversion.


17. Educational Institute Search Engine [Education Chatbot]

Being the 4th biggest Chatbot user industry, the education business can use bots to automate college and school searches. Students can search for whichever school or college they want from the bot and get all the information about the institute instantly.

18. Conversational Forms For Enrolling [Education Chatbot]

Education Chatbots can allow admission cells to automate their admission process by substituting  web forms with conversational forms. It can help them to lower the burden on the management and make easier for the students to apply.

Also, with conversational forms, the education industry can eliminate the human flaws and fasten up overall admission process and by doing so, it can help in improving the institution’s reputation.

19. Virtual Learning And Distance Learning [Education Chatbot]

Apart from other uses for the education industry, virtual learning and distance learning can also be very helpful. Institutes can integrate live chat and/or video conferencing tool with the chatbot and enable students to connect with teachers or professors for Distance Learning or Virtual Learning.


20. Resume / CV Maker [CV Maker Chatbot]

CV Maker Websites can automate the process of designing CVs for applicants. With the automation in this field, applicants with even no knowledge of making CVs can design an attractive and convincing CV. An applicant just needs to provide answers to the questions asked in the conversational flow, and the bot will automatically make a resume based on the input.

21. Job Search And Applicant Assistance [Recruitment Chatbot]

Businesses & IT companies can use Job Search Chatbot to allow potential candidates to search for deserving jobs. Based on domain expertise, educational qualifications, location, experience, and past employment track, a chatbot can show the best matches for them quickly in real-time.

Moreover, companies can use this tool for other tasks as well as assisting applicants with their queries and providing them all the information they want about the companies before applying.


22. Guide, Assistance, And Navigation [Travel Chatbot]

The travel industry can use a chatbot for many things. Businesses can allow travellers to plan trips with itineraries, guides, activities, and maps. The chatbot can furthermore provide full information on all attractions, shopping and more. Moreover, businesses can integrate google maps in the bot to enables travellers to navigate cities virtually.

Businesses can also design chatbot to assist travellers with their monotonous queries without human intervention.

23. Travel Planning And Booking [Travel Chatbot]

Travel agencies can use the chatbot for enabling visitors to plan and book their travel plans conversationally. With chatbots on the website, travel agencies can encourage more visitors to plan trips to gain more conversions. Also, they can use bots to broadcast and promote offers and services to get more effectiveness and response from the audience.

24. Feedback, Reviews, And Surveys [Travel Chatbot]

Reviews and feedbacks are the most important things for travel businesses. The forms that they use for the same have the responsiveness of less than 5% of customers. And with feedback submission via chatbot, the travel industry can get 60% submissions from the customers.

Travel agencies can also use a chatbot to conduct surveys, which can help them to understand customer psychology and use the analysis to launch offers and promotions.


25. Providing Vehicle Information With Images [Automotive Chatbot]

By using Automobile Chatbot, businesses can show their visitors listing of the vehicles they want based on their requirements with images and videos. Automobile companies can also use a chatbot to automate customer service by training the bot to respond to issues as a customer service agent would. It can help dealerships to generate more leads and get more sales.

26. Booking Test Drive [Automotive Chatbot]

When it comes to scheduling a test drive, traditionally customers have to wait in call queues or have to visit showrooms directly for the same. However, automobile dealership companies can use the chatbot for enabling their leads to schedule a test drive via conversational chatbot quickly at any time. It can help businesses to get more leads and improve their conversion rates.

27. Repairing And Service [Automotive Chatbot]

When it comes to repair and services for automobiles, customers often have to wait for companies to reply and during emergencies, the wait feels annoying. With chatbot on automobiles repair and service websites, businesses can automate repair and service request system for their customers and answer for the same conversationally with replies in the real-time.


28. Advisory On Different Policies And Insurances [Insurance Chatbot]

Insurance companies can offer insurance plans to their customers and allow them to compare them. A Chatbot can advise customers for any categories of insurances like life insurance plans, automobile insurance plans, term insurance plans, etc. Businesses can also assist customers in calculating insurance premiums and process requests at any time. It can even provide them information about the terms of each policy.

29. Insurance Purchasing And Claim Filing [Insurance Chatbot]

Businesses can automate insurance purchases to allow customers to buy insurance plans and policies quickly within the conversational flow. Moreover, businesses can use a chatbot to file a claim and get replies instantly from the company. By automating the process of insurance purchasing and filing. businesses can get higher leads and get more conversion.


30. Automated Assistance And Advisory With Live Human Support [Tax Chatbot]

Tax preparation and advisory companies can use a chatbot for automating client assistance and advisory on monotonous tax related queries. It can help businesses to decrease their workload and improving their relationship with their customers. The hybrid chat support of bot + human assistance in case of complicated queries eliminates the need for clients to meet the experts in person for the resolution of the problems.

31. Tax Filling Preparation [Tax Chatbot]

Businesses can allow clients to compute the tax amount that needs to be payed with an automated tax calculator. It can be used to process property tax, income tax, wealth and so on. A chatbot can also be designed to enable clients to file tax within the chat window. The bot asks questions and details for filling the tax return forms and as per the input, it can further process the form to file the tax.

Information Technology

32. Multimedia Editing Softwares [information Technology Chatbot]

IT Website can implement multimedia editing software chatbots on their website to use it for automating image and video editing. Businesses can provide an interactive experience to their end customers for editing multimedia files and make them visit again more often for the same task.

33. IT Help Desk [information Technology Chatbot]

Information technology companies can use It help desk bot to help their employees with IT-related tasks like raising a support ticket, verifying technical issues, reserving rooms, and training new joiners on IT applications and services. With the chatbot in the workforce, businesses can boost the employee’s productivity by 40%.

34. Virtual Assistant [information Technology Chatbot]

Virtual Assistants can understand human voice commands and assist them accordingly. It can be customised for every individual and help them in many business-related tasks. Businesses can use it to reduce the workload from their employees or to provided automated assistance to every client. Virtual assistance has more endpoints than chatbots and can perform basic tasks also that a chatbot can’t.


35. Lawyer Search And Automated Advisory [Legal Chatbot]

Legal businesses can make good use of bots on their website and increase productivity by 50%. With chatbots, they can automate the lawyer search option and allow visitors to get the best lawyer as per their need in real-time. Clients can also get preliminary advice on what should they do for their problems by chatting with the bot. However, clients can also connect with human experts if they want to get personal assistance on their queries.

36. Registration And Consultation [Legal Chatbot]

Lawyers can allow clients to register for the FSSAI, Trademark, And Company Name by implementing a chatbot on their website. Clients can also speak with the bot for the consulting on their queries regarding the services or connect with the legal experts for the same.


37. Automated Purchasing And Product Suggestion [E-commerce Chatbot ]

E-Commerce Businesses can use a chatbot to enable customers to find products based on their preferences, ask questions and buy them directly from the chat. Businesses can personalize conversations and give custom recommendations based on the analysis of their previous purchases, buying preferences, age, interests, history, availability, etc.

38. Delivery Live Tracking [E-commerce Chatbot ]

By implementing a chatbot on the customer care portal, e-commerce companies can empower their customers to track delivery status and get real-time updates conversationally. Businesses can also integrate google location app to show an even better insight into product delivery.

39. Exchange, Replacement, Refund, And Assistance [E-commerce Chatbot ]

Most calls on the customer care department in e-commerce businesses are of Exchange, Replacement, and Refund. Using a Chatbot, companies can eliminate the need for human intervention for such assistance. Also, customers can get quick resolution of other queries and get FAQs answered with a bot. In case of any query that chatbot isn’t trained to answer, a human representative can take over the same for further resolution.


40. Domain Registration [B2B Chatbot]

There are many ways B2B companies are using chatbots, like domain registration automation. Businesses can implement a chatbot on their website to allow customers to find and purchase a domain.

41. Social Media Services [B2B Chatbot]

Social media marketing businesses can use a chatbot for many tasks like to educate businesses on how to engage with their visitors on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. A chatbot can also be useful in learning best social media practices, promote services and help your business establish a never-ending two-way conversation between the customers and companies.


42. Automated News Display [News Chatbot]

With a chatbot on the news agency website, businesses can automate news display and enable visitors to get the latest news on any topic, keyword, or category in instantly. Readers can also upload stories or news and send it to the agencies with bots, making engagement of the agency with the reader more interactive.

43. Website Blog [News Chatbot]

Companies can use a chatbot for their blog pages to make interaction with visitors more engaging. They can also allow visitors to subscribe for newsletter, daily updates, and market reports.


44. Behavioural Analysis With Surveys [Survey Chatbot]

Often businesses conduct surveys for many things like market research, political survey, employee survey, health survey, etc. However, unfortunately, they only get 5%-10% responses with traditional tools. With a chatbot, surveys can get more than 60% submission and with their behavioural analysis feature, companies can analyze results even more thoroughly.

45. Surveys For Boosting Sales [Survey Chatbot]

With higher submission rates with conversational bots. Businesses can understand customer needs and requirements better, and offer them services and products accordingly. Ultimately, this can help to get higher engagements and lead conversion which can help businesses to boost sales.

Event Management

46. Event Booking And Planner [Event Management Chatbot]

Event management is quite competition industry, companies has to face many challenges while booking and planning an event. They can use chatbot to ease many of their monotonous tasks like allowing customers to book event conversationally, share plan details, etc. Companies can also use applications of chatbot for adding creativity in the event.

47. Event Promotion And Reviews [Event Management Chatbot]

Event businesses often needs tools to promote the event, but the traditional tools doesn’t able to capture  much attention of the visitors. However, with chatbot event companies can grab the attention of the visitors quickly and convince them to convert. They can also use bots to get the reviews of the attendes to understand that what they thinks about their event.

Railways And Aviation

48. Railway Ticket Booking, Enquiring, And Tracking [Railway Train Chatbot]

Railways use traditional tools like webforms to enable customers to book a ticket, which is at the end feels boring and unattractive. Railway businesses can deploy chatbot on their website and allow customers to book a ticket conversationally at any time. They can also enable customers to use bot for PNR enquiry and real-time train location tracking.

49. Airline Search, Plan, And Assistance [Airline Chatbot]

Aviation industries earn billions every year and the number of people using airways to travel has been increasing by 42% every year. So, to stay at the top in the competition and grab maximum potential ROI in the field, businesses can use chatbot to automate all the monotonous operations. Tasks like searching for available flights, planning a trip, getting assistance on the monotonous queries, etc can easily be automated by bots.

Customer Care

50. Complain Registration And Automated Assistance [Customer Care Chatbot]

Businesses invests more than 60% of their capital in customer assistance and complain resolution. And by using for the same, they can reduce that expenditure to less than 20%. A bot can let customers register complain instantly 24*7. Further, the customer care department can get the generated tickets in the real time. By implementing bots in the customer service department, businesses can allow a single representative to solve multiple queries altogether.

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