Conversational Designer : Learn from Chatbot Expert

Conversational Designer : Learn from Chatbot Expert

Did you ever wonder how bots are programmed? And why they sound so human? 

Well, there is so much that people don’t know about chatbots conversation design. Let’s find out more about what are conversation designs and how they are composed?

What is Conversational Design?

Conversation design consists of factors such as bot personality, conversational strategy, and user experience. It is also about defining the interactions between the user and the chatbot while sustaining the human factor. With user-friendly conversations, businesses can swiftly connect with ready to buy shoppers.

Moreover, Conversation Design shall be outlined by keeping in mind business goals and user behavior. Therefore, you might need expert help to build a seamless conversational flow. 

Who Are Conversational Designers?

The purpose of conversation designers is like that of an architect. They plan out what users can do with the conversational bot while considering both the user’s needs and the business’s requirement. Conversational Designers work on curating the dialogue, defining the flow, and underlying logic in a detailed specification that represents the complete user-experience. 

The primary specialty of conversational designers has to be that they should be able to design conversations that are humanoid and intuitive for users. They should be able to scale conversational flow in a way that can aid users in getting the required assistance as they explain their query. 

How to Make Winning Conversational Design?

Well, it may look easy to design chatbot's conversational flow. But in reality, it requires a lot of skills and experience for the same. Here we have mentioned few tips that conversational designers need to focus on while composing an engaging conversational design.

Step 1: Understand What User Wants To Say

The first thing Conversational Designers require to build an engaging conversation design is to identify what website visitors are asking. For example, suppose a conversation designer is making a bot for the healthcare industry. In that case, he should remember that the questions and needs will be like emergency response, symptom detection, appointment booking, etc.

Let’s see an example of how should a conversation sound like for Healthcare Chatbot:

Healthcare Chatbot: Hi. How may I help you?

User: I want to schedule an appointment for Sunday

Healthcare Chatbot: Sure, I can help you with this. Can I know the patient’s name, please?

User: Rahul

Healthcare Chatbot: Thank you, Rahul. Now please enter your contact number?

User: +9191******41

Healthcare Chatbot: Thank you. Now, please pick a date and time-slot for the appointment.

User: *Picks A Date And Time-Slot*

Healthcare Chatbot: Congratulations, your appointment has been scheduled.

Step 2: Answer Visitors Query In An Engaging Way

After you make sure that the conversation design can understand the user requirement, the second target should be to focus on making the replies and structure more appealing than web-forms.

Conversation Designers should plan tree-structured paths based on a precise analysis of the domain and specific topics that need to be in focus. Let’s see how it works from the following Automobile Chatbot example.

Automobile Chatbot: Hi, thanks for igniting the conversation. How may I help you today?

User: Help me schedule test drive from the nearest dealer

Automobile Chatbot: I can help you with this.  May I know your first and last name?

User: James Ford

Automobile Chatbot: Thank your James. Please select your city and PIN code, and I'll locate the nearest dealers around you. 

User: Jaipur, 302022

Automobile Chatbot:  That's great. Here is the list of dealers nearby your location. Kindly pick one to schedule your test-drive. 

User: Motors showroom

Automobile Chatbot: Thanks again, James. Now please select a car model that you want to try out.

User: Hord Roadster

Automobile Chatbot: Sounds exciting, I can hear the engine roar... 

Automobile Chatbot: Now, kindly select date and time from the available slot

User: 22nd September 2020, 11:00 AM

Automobile Chatbot: Thank you, James. You are one step away from booking your test drive for Hord Roadster. 

Automobile Chatbot: Please enter your contact number, so one of our executives can assist you with your visit. 

User: +91 89******47

Automobile Chatbot: Thank you for having a conversation with me James, your test drive has been scheduled for 22/9/20, 11:00 AM.

Step 3: Add Human Touch In The Conversational Flow

The conversation design should be in a way that even leads who did not want to convert also process further in the sales funnel. Conversation Designers can use emojis, sarcastic quotes to present buyers with human touch.

Check out the below example to understand how emojis and multimedia can make the conversation more engaging.

User: Hey

Travel Chatbot: Hi there. How may I help you?

User: I want to make a travel plan with my family.

Travel Chatbot: How many of you are planning to go?  👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 

User: 5 persons.

Travel Chatbot: Have you pinned any place on your map to ✈️ travel? 

User: Yes. We are thinking of going to Agra.

Travel Chatbot: So, it’s all about the Taj Mahal 😍🏰. Your budget per person?

User: ₹5000/-

Travel Chatbot: All right, I have got all the information, here are a few travels plans relevant to your requirements.

Travel Chatbot: *Shows Travel Plans*


When designing a chatbot, a Conversation Designer requires a lot of awareness, knowledge, and experience of the business domain and user behavior.  Besides, acquiring all this information and translating it via chatbot conversation can be a time-consuming task for marketers. 

Moreover, if you are willing to take your chatbot's conversation to the next level, do let us know. We have an accomplished team of highly experienced conversation designers. They have designed and created conversational bots for Fortune 500 including FCA, Mankind and many more.

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