Evolution of Multifunctional Chatbots Amid COVID-19

Evolution of  Multifunctional Chatbots Amid COVID-19

The COVID -19 originated from the epicenter of China, and now onwards, it has dominated every pandemic curve recorded for any of the disease ever.

Despite efforts, The COVID -19 outbreak has spread across 200+ countries and is rapidly infecting every edge of the globe.

This sudden increase in pandemic has made it difficult for enterprises to continue their operations. Ultimately leading the world towards financial Crisis. 

Apart from reviving the world economy, educating people about Covid-19 over a large scale remains a more significant challenge. 

This is where AI Chatbots can play a crucial role. Chatbots are young technology that uses the shotgun approach of AI to ensure a relevant flow of information through text or voice-based data.

For the prominence of social distancing, chatbots play an active role in every industry, whether it is food, automobile, healthcare, fashion, and many more.

How are Chatbots Lending a Helping Hand in the Era of COVID-19?

At present, chatbots are playing a crucial role than ever. Many healthcare and government institutions are implementing Covid bots to educate people about guidelines, symptoms, health and prevention tips. 

Evolution of Natural Language Processing (NLP) has leveraged the Conversational AI technologies and expanded their reach in the form of Talk-bots such as Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana have become a part of daily life for many people.

The instinctive interface of chatbot makes it reliable and easy to use even for first-time users. AI chatbots can mold information according to the needs and symptoms of an individual; hence, responses to specific questions can be disseminated interactively. Also, the chatbots' data remains relevant to the local guidelines and regulations based on the user’s location.

COVID-19 Chatbots for Mental Well Being

Covid is no less than disruption for people. With sudden changes in the day to day routine and lifestyle, health experts have predicted that mental well-being might be the next big challenge. 

According to sources, the mental well being and consultation applications have seen a spike of 30% after the Coronavirus Outbreak. The rise in queries indicates that people are facing mental challenges. 

In these hard times, chatbots can prove to be a helping hand in answering the monotonous queries of users. A bot can provide precise information to the sufferers, arrange an online consultation with mental experts, and take their health updates regularly. 

Mobile applications such as PinkyMind, YourDost, VentAllOut, IWill, and Wysa use their monitored evidence based on Cognitive-behavior-techniques (CBT), including yoga, breathing, meditation and motivational interviewing by chatbots to provide information and assistance in one place.

Experts have ensured that this trend is likely to grow after the pandemic too.

Delivery Chatbots for Restaurants

With restrictions over dine-in services, restaurants are mainly depending on TAKE-AWAY and delivery services to generate their revenue. However, with fewer human resources, it has become difficult for restaurants to provide seamless customer experience. 

In such situations, chatbots can be a great help. Restaurants can train a bot to answer the repeated queries of the customers. It can further assist them with placing their order, set up a pick-up time, or select a delivery address. 

COVID 19 Chatbots for Traders

Social distancing restrictions at the workplace have raised challenges among traders as they require human labor for their massive operations.

In addition, traders are facing delays in shipping their materials; hence the return policies with several other aspects are also getting changed.

The intrinsic ability of Chatbots to utilize the data interactively has helped the traders by channeling updates about the rate list, shipment, return policies, etc. with their existing customers.

Here’s how Makerobos playing role against COVID-19.

Established in 2018, Makerobos started off its journey with a vision to build engagement centric platform enabling businesses to communicate with their customers just like concerned, logical & empathetic human does.

To keep everyone updated and safe at home, Makerobos launched their Chatbot “DISHA” for pathkindlabs.com, a leading diagnostic center and pathology lab situated across multiple cities in India. 

Here’s how Disha is serving as a helping hand for Pathkind labs against the COVID -19.

1. Book a Home Collection

Chatbot Disha stores the user information to collect the blood samples comfortably from home.

2. Download Report

Patients can download their lab reports instantly via Disha chatbot. 

3. Human assistance for queries

Disha has a knack to resolve queries. It feeds upon existing information and resources, like FAQs or knowledge base articles, to assist and resolve the user’s query.


As we move on the other side of the Covid pandemic, the adoption of chatbots in various industries will continue to grow.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and Business Corporations have started looking at Conversational Commerce as a part of their rescue against the COVID-19 Crisis.

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